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1977 VW Rabbit MK1 GTI For Sale

1977 VW Rabbit MK1 GTI For Sale

For Sale, 1977 VW Rabbit MK1 GTI

Price: $6900
Buy Classic Volks – found this one remarkable sample of early Rabbit GTI that was ready for sale in Craigslist asking for $6900 located in Spokane, Washington. As you’ve seen here is a high performance variants of VW Rabbit released in 1977 it was driven about 184000 miles, is said clean and excellent condition overall in and out, has been storage since 1996 is still in a healthy condition and roadworthy with some dent and chips. Probably the cleanest 1977 Rabbit GTI we’ve ever seen today, Interested please read detail provided by owner below.

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1983 VW Rabbit GTI Project

1983 VW Rabbit GTI

For Sale, 1983 VW Rabbit GTI Project

Price: $795
Buy Classic Volks – here we found in Craigslist a VW Rabbit GTI asking for $795 OBO location in Colerain, it’s a project not running already offered about 2 months ago still available. It could be a potential Rabbit GTI to restored. As owner said it a 1983 VW Rabbit GTI Project, MK1, 1.8L Engine, 98,799 miles, Sunroof, Original Snow Flake Wheels & Paint, Borla Stainless Steel Exhaust, Neuspeed Strut Tower & Rear Sway Bars. The engine, transmission, and interior have been removed. It has been garage/barn kept since the mid-2000’s. This car is 98% rust free with mainly surface rust and a few small rust spots in the spare tire well area. Includes many extra parts. Must go before the snow starts falling.

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1979 VW Rabbit 5-Door Hatchback

1979 VW Rabbit Diesel 5-Door Hatchback

For Sale, 1979 VW Rabbit 5-Door Hatchback

Price 1990 USD
This quite rarely Rabbit, it come in brown with 5-door hatchbacks body style ready to go. As the picture is a VW Rabbit powered by Diesel engine mated with manual transmission was released in 1979 still runs and drives well, fuel economy car. Like its predecessor the Beetle, the first generation Rabbit known as a Rabbit Mk1 has proven to be influential. The Rabbit intended to compete with Morris Mini and Honda Civic in US market.

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1981 VW Rabbit Diesel For Sale

1981 VW Rabbit diesel for sale

For Sale, 1981 VW Rabbit Diesel

Price 4000 USD
it’s an Germany economic car offered by Volkswagen to American user made to compete with Japanese cars in US market and its the backbone of current Golf. Volkswagen Rabbit for Sale in La Habra, California, United State. It’s a Volkswagen Rabbit Diesel built in 1981 has been rebuilt engine on good condition come in blue 2-door hatchback. A nice Rabbit, if you interested please read detail by owner below.

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