1984 Volkswagen Rabbit L Diesel

For Sale, 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit L Diesel

Price 2499 USD
Buy Classic Volks - Volkswagen Rabbit L Diesel for Sale in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, good condition on Dove Black. This is a Rabbit L Diesel Clean & Clear title. Car starts, runs, and drives. It's tagged and is currently being driven as a daily driver.

Volkswagen Rabbit
Year 1984
Type Rabbit
Model L Diesel
Color Dove Black
Engine 1.6 Liter
Made in Germany
Condition Good

Odometer reads 125K miles.
Original 1.6 Liter motor. Gets 40mpg.
Parts are cheap and easy to find.
It has a block heater for quick starts in the winter.
Coilover suspension for height adjustability.
New battery was installed in January 2014.

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By Owner, Here
Location the Rabbit in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

1987 Volkswagen Cabriolet Karmann

For Sale, 1987 Volkswagen Cabriolet Karmann

Price 18,970 USD
Buy Classic Volks - Volkswagen Cabriolet Karmann for Sale Columbus, Ohio, USA, Original very good condition on Tornado Red. ONLY 30k original 1-Owner miles! This ''Time Capsule'' was finished in Tornado Red over White leatherette with White/Black stipe cloth inserts and is GORGEOUS! White top looks NEW! The condition is AMAZING and verifies the low miles!! 5-speed manual transmission shifts flawlessly and it truly drives like NEW! Lived life in Southern California from Day 1! Have original Books/Keys, Top Boot cover, New tires and MORE!

Volkswagen Rabbit
Year 1987
Type Karmann Edition
Model Cabriolet
Color Tornado Red
Engine 1.8L L4 SOHC 8V
Made in Germany
Condition Very Good

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Eurotouringclassics, (614) 600-8428
Email: sales[at]rovers4sale.com
Location the Rabbit in Columbus, Ohio, USA

1978 Volkswagen Rabbit C

For Sale, 1978 Volkswagen Rabbit C Original Unrestored

Price 11,000 USD
Buy Classic Volks - Volkswagen Rabbit C for Sale Tampa, Florida, USA, Original Excellent condition on Dakota Beige. This is an Original Unrestored Vehicle with Original Miles! Assembly at Wolfsburg, Germany. The original owner is a retired Math Professor at Ohio University. This was the first and only car he ever owned. Seller purchased this car from the original owner in October 2008 in Athens, Ohio. Actual mileage was 24,448. In the 5½ years the seller was new owner logged only a few thousand miles taking it to shows, events, etc.

Volkswagen Rabbit
Year 1978
Type Rabbit
Model C
Color Dakota Beige (L13A)
Engine 1.5L 8v, 4 speed manual
Made in Germany
Condition Excellent

Unique Features:
  • Original paint! Several factory paint runs can be found, which was common among early Rabbits/Golfs
  • 100% Original and untouched interior!
  • Original assembly plant sticker is still in the front windshield!
  • Original VW/Audi windshield wipers!
  • Original VW/Audi Alternator belt
  • Original Motorola Alternator
  • Genuine VW roof rack
  • Original paint code sticker and untouched spare tire in trunk!
  • Still has the (now rare) CIS adjustment screw plug!
Service within the last year: The below items were replaced with OEM components due to acquiring some patina over the years. Basically, I’m overly picky and I wanted the normal “wear items” to match the beauty of the rest of the car.
  • New Boge OE gas shocks. Original rears had acquired more patina than I liked, so the front rebuildable hydraulic shocks were replaced with gas inserts to match. The original springs & spring hats were also freshly powdercoated black.
  • New brake fluid
  • New e-barke cables
  • New front control arms & ball joints
  • Original wheels refurbished
  • 4 New matching tires
Assist the buyer with shipping arrangements. For international buyers, I can deliver the car to the Florida shipping port of your choice for a reasonable fee.

Find it here on http://www.thesamba.com/vw/classifieds/detail.php?id=1584757

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Patrick, (813) 956-3183
Location the Rabbit in Tampa, Florida, USA

1984 VW Rabbit Gti

For Sale 1984 VW Rabbit Gti Original

Price 2,500 USD
Buy Classic Volks - Volkswagen Rabbit Gti for Sale Texas, USA, Good condition on Black color. 1984 GTI that is all original and I just bought a ton of original parts to replace the old, including: wheel bearings, all control arm bushings, motor mounts, struts, lowering springs, all strut bearings, and a set of XXR 15x8 wheels with 195/45/15 tires! I have found NO RUST in this car since I got it!

Volkswagen Rabbit
Year 1984
Type Rabbit
Model GTI
Color Black
Engine 1.8L 90 hp I4
Made in Germany
Condition Good

I had every intention of making this GTI the one I wanted when I was 16 with my first GTI but I've found a car I've wanted my whole life so I gotta punt a few things to make it happen! Might be a little flexible on price but don't get too crazy! Clear TX title and the car runs and drives and shifts very good!!

More detail and info call the seller
Dave, 817-907-9869
Location the Rabbit in Ft Worth, Texas, USA

VW Rabbit C Model

For Sale 1976 VW Rabbit C Model

Price 5,000 USD
Buy Classic Volks - Volkswagen Rabbit C Model for Sale Oregon, USA, Very Good condition on Brown color. Built 9/76 and have records back to 11/76. 1.6L/4 speed. C model/Super Base Trim. As you can see this bad boy is really solid. Some bubbling in the front fenders. Floors and rockers are rock solid. POR15'd the front pans. Was repainted at some point. Body is super straight minus the hood and roof. Apparently it was in a hail storm as they peppered with dimples. 100% OEM glass. Do have the door handles but 3 of the 4 are currently broken. Handle is fine. Trigger mechanisms are cracked. Looking into repairing them. Motor runs outstanding. Headliner, and cards are in good shape. Drivers seat has a seam coming apart. The dash is the correct early dash (headunit delete w/ storage Cubby) but is a wreak like usual. Brand new carpet installed. Recovered the parcel tray to class up the place a little.

Volkswagen Rabbit
Year 1976
Type Rabbit
Model C Model
Color Brown
Engine 1.6L / 4 speed
Made in Germany
Condition Good

Here is the list of new parts:
  • Axles (drivers side has been shortened to elevate binding)
  • Tie Rods (both inner and outer)
  • Front Wheel Bearing
  • Shorty Oil Pan
  • Custom Hybrid Audi 90 Strut Caps with New Bearings
  • Master Cylinder
  • Short Shift
  • Raceland Struts
  • Custom Control Arm Drag "Skis"
  • Enkei 92's 15x8 ET25
  • 165/50's
  • Carpet
  • Frame Notch (both sides)
  • Throw Out Bearing
  • Heater Core
The ride in this bunny is outstanding and it is unreal to drive. As the work continues the price will become much more rigid.

Moroso Valve Cover NOT included.

More detail and info call the seller
Terry Sing, 503.756.7238
Location the Rabbit in Bend, Oregon, USA

1980 VW Rabbit Diesel

For Sale 1980 Rabbit Diesel Westy Survivor

Price 4,000 USD
Buy Classic Volks - Volkswagen Rabbit Diesel for Sale Chester, Maryland, USA, on Very Good condition color red on interior and exterior. Year construction 1980 VW Rabbit Diesel 1980 Rabbit (early westy) with the 1.5 NA Diesel and 4 speed manual transmission. Currently has 138,xxx miles and a ton of new parts. There is a little surface rust on the exterior and very minor rust through in some sections, as shown in the pictures below, but overall the car is a clean survivor with original Tabasco red paint. The interior is very nice as well, flawless seats and headliner, with a red dash pad covering a cracked dash.

New parts recently installed (last 1000 miles):
  • Rebuilt Head
  • New head gasket
  • New intake/exhaust manifold, valve cover and oil pan gaskets
  • New timing belt and tensioner
  • New Bosch glow plugs and relay
  • New air and fuel filters
  • New battery
  • New cat-back exhaust
  • New driver and passenger side motor mounts
  • New shifter bushings
  • New front calipers and rotors
  • New front Spindles
  • New rear brake shoes and spring kit, drums turned
  • Aluminum bumpers

The tires have plenty of life left, all of the lights works like they should, the brakes are tight and the car starts right up every time.

If I were keeping it, all I would do is lower it a little bit and maybe new wheels, and then drive it.

I have a clean title and the car is located on Kent Island, MD.

Also included are an assortment of random parts that go with the car, including the chrome center caps for the wheels.

Asking $4,000, Will negotiate within reason with serious buyers only.

More detail and info call the seller
Location the Rabbit in Chester, Maryland, USA

1981 Volkswagen Rabbit Truck

For Sale 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit Truck

Price 5500 USD
Buy Classic Volks - Volkswagen Rabbit Truck for Sale United States, on good condition color on white. Year construction 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup, 1.6L Diesel, White, 5 Speed, New Interior, rebuilt motor, new clutch, new tires, new battery, AC Works, very good condition 5,500 obo 704-Five Three Three-2187.

More detail and info call the seller
Matt Moore 704-533-2187
Location the Rabbit in Kannapolis, United States

VW Rabbit History

The Volkswagen Rabbit History

Small and cheaper yes it's the concept for true VW Rabbit... wrong...

This real basic why Volkswagen was create the Rabbit...
1975, 35 years ago Volkswagen create a little car to confront the Japanese cars attack that penetrates the U.S. market with little econoboxes far cheaper than a Beetle. So Japanese little cars it's a main cause of VW sales dropping in U.S. market.

The VW Rabbit was the replacement for the Beetle in the US market.

VW Rabbit is the next generation of Volkswagens car, before all production cars using the rear engine and rear-wheel drive technology. VW Rabbit at first it was offered as front wheel drive car with a water-cooled 4 cylinder, manual and automatic transmission, carburetor for the fuel system, that was frugal in every way, for around the same price as a Japanese little car (econobox).

1975 - 1976 for the first two years of productions '75 and '76 VW Rabbit have many drivability problems. There were many recalls, and updates, but basicly the system was flawed and unable to overcome the added smog equipment the US market required. So If you can find a '75 or '76 the Rabbit can running well on the road today, almost certainly it's a miracle.

1977 they introduced the Bosch C.I.S fuel injection system and saved the Rabbit from a miserable life. So if you want to buy classic VW Rabbit today, consider a Rabbit made between '77 to 80 to be a great find.

The Rabbit sales began to climb as the gas crisis of the late 70's took hold.

The Rabbit had finally become the worthy successor to the Bug (Beatle) on around 1979, when the oil crisis was at full force. In 1979 the Rabbit got even thriftier with the introduction of a diesel motor that got almost 60 miles to the gallon on the highway.

Production for the U.S. market moved over here to New Stanton Pennsylvania in 1978. The first Rabbit rolled of the assembly line on April 10th 1978 with NBC news present to unveil the first foreign car to be built in the USA.

1979 VW Rabbit became very popular, and still hold their resale value. The Rabbit had waiting lists at the dealership during that time. Also 1979 was the first  year Rabbits were made in USA. The factory made all the USA bound 2dr and 4dr rabbits until 1984.

1980 Was a Big Rabbit comes out. This year the Rabbit's Engine grew to 1.6L and with the CIS system it started to put out a lot of  Power. Volkswagen also introduced the Rabbit Pickup, and from europe came the convertible Rabbit. All this added up to big rabbit sales.

1981 more bigger, the gas engine grew from 1.6 to 1.7l , and the diesel now a 1.6 up from 1.5.

1982 the GTi was introduced, a sporty version of the Rabbit. The GTi came with a 1.8l engine, stiffer suspension, alloy wheels, front air dam, and special Recaro sport seats. Top speed, acceleration, and handling were improved on the GTi. Also in this year, the luxurious Rabbit from Germany, Wolfsburg Edition Rabbit came along, that came with a special interior, A/C, an extra moulding on the bottom of the door, and little odds and ends.

1984 game is over, it's last year for the Rabbit, on July the Rabbit  moved over to make way for the production of the new Golf.

Backbone of Golf ...

VW Rabbit never received many changes over the time of production, but it did receive many improvements.

The Rabbit, although short lived, gave a new start for Volkswagen. The Rabbit is still sought after all over the U.S., it just goes to show you a good Volkswagen never dies.

On April 12 2006 at the Detroit Auto Show Volkswagen of America was announced the come back of the Rabbit. This new model Rabbit is the same model as the Golf V being sold in the rest of the world. VW was hoping the nostalgia-factor coupled with a lower price tag will help boost Rabbit sales.

2008 October with rising manufacturing costs and a new MK VI chassis design on the way, production of the MK V Rabbit ceased. The 2009 model would be the last vehicle available under the VW Rabbit branding.