1984 VW Rabbit 4-Door Diesel Hatchback

1984 VW Rabbit 4-Door Diesel Hatchback

For Sale 1984 VW Rabbit 4-Door Diesel Hatchback

Price $1650 USD
Buy Classic Volks – found this one Rabbit diesel being offered for sale in Craigslist looking for $1650 located in Hudson Valley. As shown here is first generation Rabbit known as MK1 fairly cool 4-door plus a rear door body designed as small family car then known as the best and most fuel-efficient cars on its era. Not perfect, the interior was good but the frame has a lot of rust, body expert needed to fix it.

Volkswagen Rabbit
Year 1984
Type Rabbit
Model 4-door Hatchback
Color Beige
Engine 1.6L Diesel / 5 speed manual
Made in Germany
Condition Fair

Owner Said
Starts right up. I just fixed the starter today. I had this listed as an 82, but hell yeah, its an 84.. Woops. Time to let it go. I have the exact same car in a gasser if interested. Gasser has no body rust at all. I was going to swap the diesel and trans into it, but time is not on my side. It has rust, see pics, but not too too bad. More than I like, but I am picky bastard.

Has newer injection pump and is tuned up nice. Runs quick. Come and get it. Has a really nice interior too. I have 40 cars sitting here, time to let a few go. Contact me for more info. Or if you want both cars, let me know. It is listed here on craigslist as well. Please don’t contact me to talk about the car at length. It is 33 years old, has been sitting around for a while, and I don’t need answer questions about if the a.c works, and what do the tires look like. This is not for everyone, and if you are asking those questions, I probably won’t even respond. You know if you can own and operate a car this old, and at this point nearing collector status. Thank you in advance.