1977 VW Rabbit MK1 GTI For Sale

1977 VW Rabbit MK1 GTI For Sale

For Sale, 1977 VW Rabbit MK1 GTI

Price: $6900
Buy Classic Volks – found this one remarkable sample of early Rabbit GTI that was ready for sale in Craigslist asking for $6900 located in Spokane, Washington. As you’ve seen here is a high performance variants of VW Rabbit released in 1977 it was driven about 184000 miles, is said clean and excellent condition overall in and out, has been storage since 1996 is still in a healthy condition and roadworthy with some dent and chips. Probably the cleanest 1977 Rabbit GTI we’ve ever seen today, Interested please read detail provided by owner below.

Volkswagen Rabbit
Year 1977
Type Rabbit
Model GTi
Color Green
Engine 1.8L
Made in German
Condition Excellent

Detail by owner
For sale, 1977 Volkswagen Rabbit (made in Germany)

Bought this car in 1991. I removed everything, stripped it down to bare metal and painted it. It is a stock VW color (Montana Metallic).

I had the block re-machined and bought a new head. I upgraded to a Neuspeed 268 duration cam, a Neuspeed throttle body (machined out the intake to fit the larger throttle body) and added a 2″ Techtonics exhaust. I mated a 020 close ratio five speed manual transmission to the rebuilt motor. Added 14″ VW teardrop wheels. I have every stub from every oil change I performed on this car.

I installed new carpet, new Flofit seats and added a knee bar and gauge cluster. All the door cards and rear seat are original (vinyl painted black) and in excellent condition.

This car was built to resemble a German GTI of the day. I added the GTI fender flares, European bumpers, and front spoiler. It also has a Hella driving light grill.

This was my daily driver from 1991–1996. In 1996 I put the car in storage. It has been stored in an insulated garage on jack stands until late 2015 (19 years). I decided to bring the car back to life.

The car had 130,xxx miles when I made all of the changes. It currently has 184,xxx on it now. The motor is really strong.

Since I took it out of storage, I replaced all the fluids, plugs, wires, hoses, and belts. It has been timed and tuned. I also replaced the manual brakes with a brake booster. I have replaced the front brake pads (I have new rear pads, they just need to be installed). Pirelli tires have a couple hundred miles on them. Just replaced the fuel sender so the fuel gauge is 100%. New battery, new wheel hubs all the way around.

This car has been extremely well cared for and except for expectable dings and chips, the car is in incredible shape. The interior is actually better than the exterior.

I have no timeline to sell, it’s just time for it to find an owner who can care for it like I used to.

Asking $6900 OBO.
Open to trade for VW MK4 or MK5

Rare car
Well loved
Read above additions/upgrades

Original springs (new shocks)
Paint is overall really good. It has a few dents and creases (I can send photos of every spot). The front has a lot of rock/sand beating from drives across the state.

Outside 8/10
Inside 9/10