1991 Volkswagen GTI Golf MK2

1991 Volkswagen GTI Golf

For Sale, 1991 Volkswagen GTI Golf MK2

Price $5000
Buy Classic Volks – Volkswagen Golf GTI for sale in Tucson, Arizona. As shown here is high performance series of the second generation Golf known as GTI MK2 is a 2-Door Hatchback released in 1991, lots of mods and car is in good condition overall. It has original wheels and two totes of additional parts go with the vehicle.

Year 1991
Type Golf GTI
Model 2-Door Hatchback
Color White
Engine 2.0L
Made in Germany
Condition Good

1991 Volkswagen GTI Golf MK2
Details about this Golf
Not much can be taken from the original ads, but we’ll review the appropriate bit what we can see from the photos. This 1991 Volkswagen GTI Golf is claimed to be in good condition with lots of mods in and out. Claimed to drive well, with current registration and clear title. Found this one in Craigslist were offered for sold by current owner with few additional parts go with the car. If you are interested you should come to make sure its condition.