Classic VW, 1977 Volkswagen Scirocco MK1

1977 Volkswagen Scirocco MK1

For Sale, Classic VW, 1977 Volkswagen Scirocco MK1

Price $6600 USD
Buy Classic Volks – Found this one classic VW being offered for sale by the owner, this is a first generation Scirocco offered by Volkswagen in the 70s era well-known as Scirocco MK1 is a fairly cool 2-door hatchback body released in 1977. The car has been rebuilt and restored and should come for appreciated.

Volkswagen Scirocco
Year 1977
Type Scirocco
Model MK1 Sport Coupe
Color Gold
Engine 1.6 L
Made in Germany
Condition Good

Detail by owner
Goldie is a 1977 Scirocco, she was the poster car for Fifteen 52 when they came out with the “snowflake” re-makes. I bought the car from Brad and Matt about 5 months ago with the intention of making a fun weekend car (she is my second 1977 Rocco), but I’m buying a house so I need a down payment. They put on the ST coilovers and replaced most of the suspension bushings. She is a good handling car and it can go LOW (earlier pics included), but I have it set at a reasonable height currently. She was re-painted at some point in semi-gloss platinum gold (she was originally gold). The interior is very nice with some fading on the carpet, the rough driver’s seat, and some cracks on the dash. The door panels and sides are really nice. A lot of the rare bits are really nice, the grill, headlights, tail lights, side lights, and inner tail light covers. The bumpers are clean and 3 out 4 of the corners are perfect. She has all 5 alloy wheels with fresh Kumho tires. All the seals are above average, and with the windows up she is pretty quiet. And the best part about this girl is she has always been a California car, NO RUST, all the panels are straight, no rust underneath, beautiful. The only problem with any of the metal is some spots on the rocker from poor jacking.

I got her 4 months ago and I have driven her about 200 miles. I have a few buddies who have owned about 20 MK1 VWs, they helped me wake the car up. This is my 4th VW, I’m surrounded by them as the pictures will show. The list of what has been replaced is also below. She drives very well, shifts gears smoothly, and doesn’t make any bad noises. Look at the pictures carefully to see how well-preserved she is. The body panels are great except for the clear coat and the scratches. The bumpers are great and not a single corner has a scuff. The Interior is great, nice dash, great panels decent seats, and nice carpet. All of the glass is original except the windshield, and all of the window rubber is great. All of the door seals and such are great, with minimal wind noise.
I have found a few minor problems and I bet she has a few I didn’t find. The warm idle is finicky, she stalls sometimes. The fuel gauge stays at a 1/4 full, the seats rock a bit, and the dome light doesn’t work nor does the lighter. The motor has a few oil weeps but doesn’t spot the floor.

You could use this as a great start for a restoration or drive her like she is. This car will never be worth less than it is today, what do you think this girl was worth 5 years ago… I bet she doubles in the next 5 years.

The car is tagged and titled in California, passed SMOG, on non-op status. Tags are good for 11 months.

Work done:
Drained tank
Replaced fuel pump
Replaced fuel pump relay
Rear fuel lines
Replaced 2 front fuel lines
Replaced throttle body with another used one, cleaned, lubed nice and smooth
Fuel filter
Oil and filter Castrol 20/50
Replaced air filter
Replaced timing belt and tensioner
Replaced Alt/water pump belt
Replaced Spark plugs, plug wires, cap, rotor, and points
Bleed brakes, inspect lines, pads, and rotors
4 new Kumho tires mount and balance
Replaced front left outer drive shaft boot.
Replaced coolant temp sensor
Replaced fan control/temp sensor(in the radiator)
Replaced windshield wiper
Replaced battery
Replaced shifter bushings
Replaced turn signal stalk
Replaced turn signal relay

Horn doesn’t work
Turn signals don’t work (but Hazards do)
Reverse lights don’t work
The odometer and trip meter don’t work (not sure when they stopped but I swear they worked on my first and second drive)
The fuel gauge stops at 1/3 full. All other gauges including console gauges work great
The driver’s seat is a bit rough, carpet faded
Idle is a bit high and she does stall every so often

She is a cool car. Asking $7500 but flexible for a good home.