1954 VW Standard Beetle for Sale

1954 Standard Beetle oval for sale

For Sale 1954 VW Standard Beetle

Price USD 9,500
Buy Classic Volks – Volkswagen Standard Beetle for Sale in Bradenton, Florida, USA on very good condition and green color. Year construction 1954. Completely stock. Great condition, heater channels and pan never had any rust. Stock 36 HP with stock transmission. Original deck lid. 3 spoke steering wheel, ribbed doors. Stock 6 volt system, egg tail lights, semaphores. Last drove car in 2007, parked and have not driven since currently not running but would not take much to get this back on the road. Have new parts for the rear brakes. Been told it is a Canadian Standard Beetle, but never confirmed. The only rust that I know of on this car is in the driver side door jam just above the lower hinge, about a dimes size rust area.

Volkswagen Type 1
Year 1954
Type Type 1
Model Beetle Oval
Color Green
Engine 1131cc single port
Made in Germany
Condition Very Good


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Location the bug in Bradenton, Florida, USA