1966 VW Samba Deluxe 21 Window Titian Red

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For Sale 1966 VW Deluxe Bus 21 Window Walk Through Titian Red

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Buy Classic Volks – 1966 VW Samba Deluxe 21 Window Titian Red for sale in California, this is an exciting opportunity to purchase the most beautifully restored and factory correct 21 window bus this year! I personally think it belongs in a museum. It’s a rare California original, final year 1966 21 window Deluxe walk through Samba, that has just finished a long and meticulous 2 year nut and bolt rotisserie restoration. The goal of this particular restoration was to bring back as close as possible, a factory original Samba to be enjoyed just how they were made originally. All of the work was completed by the best and brightest VW guru’s in Southern California. This is the most beautiful original Titian Red/ Beige Grey with OG mesh platinum interior bus out there.

Volkswagen Type 2
Year 1966
Type T1
Model Samba Deluxe Bus, 21 Window, Walk Through, Sunroof
Color Beige Grey – Titian Red
Engine 1600 dual port
Made in Germany
Condition Excellent


Some of the key highlights are: ~ All matching M code plates, Current California Registration and pink slip, Certificate of Authenticity from Germany showing the port of Los Angeles as the imported destination, Original Black and yellow license plate, All original glass, parts, frame, doors, locks etc., original T key that opens all locks including the ignition, original style white wall tires, Safari Windows, fully rebuilt sunroof kit, rebuilt original big nut transmission with reduction boxes, all original door handles and original front VW emblem re-chromed, Original steering wheel recast, New wire harness by Wireworks, rebuilt motor with original German case, new rubbers and seals throughout, Original year correct Sapphire III radio etc. All lights, buttons, clock lights, radio, and emergency switch work as they should! All doors and lids line up, open and close as good as they did the day they left the factory! ~

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More Detailed Description:
Sand/Media Blasting: I had every part, panel and piece on this bus media and sand blasted by a company that specializes in collectibles and sensitive aviation parts and planes. The outside of the bus was media blasted to ensure there was no warping of the metal, then any parts that had rust were sand blasted very carefully. Because this is a California original bus there was mostly only surface rust to begin with.

Front: Completely disassembled and rebuilt with only German parts, painted and replaced all bolts, nuts etc., Spindles rebuilt by Russ at Old Speed, sway bar, new German tie rods, new shocks, new brakes etc.

Transmission: Original big nut transmission with reduction boxes professionally rebuilt by Kevin at TransWest. All new linkage and seals, new emergency brake cable, wheel cylinders, etc.

Body Work : Replaced the front floor panels on driver and passenger side, new corrugated cargo floor, any rust was already sand blasted so no need to cut away metal. Old school hand torch bronzing was done to fill any holes or metal that was eaten away to ensure the least amount of bondo was used as possible! Underside and frame areas media blasted and then urethane primed and painted with PPG (the same paint used on Ferrari’s). Every part on the body was painted inside and out. Original Sekurit windows and glass throughout the bus, new German Safaris installed, door assemblies rebuilt and painted as well. Gas tank was cleaned and sealed inside and painted in the original grey on the outside. Belly pan was removed for sand blasting and then welded back on the frame.

Engine: Fully rebuilt, 1600 dual port with period correct accessories. New: rod bearings, heads, fuel pump, distributor, carburetor, coil. Original oil bath air filter. New rear main seal and clutch plate. Original heater tubes, new German muffler and working heater boxes.

Brakes: All new metal and rubber lines, new master and wheel cylinders, new wheel springs and new brake shoes all around. Electrical: Brand new wiring loom by WireWorks (converted to 12 volt), all flasher and relays rebuilt, new turn signal switch. Everything works: horn, wipers, turn signals, headlights, high beams, interior dome lights, brake lights, parking lights, radio, gas gauge, all dash lights, hazards flash and hazard knob lights up and flashes as well! The clock, speedometer and gas gauge were rebuilt. New German starter and battery. Engine has correct original rebuilt 12 volt generator system.

Interior: All seats were sand blasted and painted black. All have new Wolfsbug West coconut hair pads and soft upholstery padding. Brand new platinum upholstery throughout (this includes the chrome trim). Panels were fastened with correct push pins, screws and rivets where they were supposed to be. All of the doors, sides and cargo area were padded with noise reducer foam insulation. New pebble white headliner. New Wolfsburg West floor mats, Oatmeal carpet for the rear. Included is a brand new spare tire on original bus rim. Correct jail bars and luggage bar across the back seat. Middle bench is a 2/3 fold down with original side kick panel re-upholstered, new grab handles from WW.

Paint & Exterior: Everything was painted with the highest quality paint and clear (PPG), color sanded and buffed. All colors are factory correct inside and out. New 3-ply pearl canvas sunroof top. Sunroof assembly complete nut and bolt by VW sunroofs! Wheels were sand blasted, primed and painted as well as the bumpers inside and out. Wolfsbug West Deluxe exterior trim kit complete with rocker trim.

A picture is worth a 1000 words, so I’ll let the work speak for itself. Also, I have video footage cataloging the whole restoration process so you know exactly what we did (available to the final buyer). There is nothing hidden here and you will know exactly what you’re getting which is rare in and of itself with these buses!

Location the bus in Gardena, California, USA