1967 VW Bug Beautiful Orig Style

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For Sale, 1967 VW Bug Beautiful Orig Style

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Buy Classic Volks – Volkswagen Beetle for sale Upland, California, USA on Very good condition. This VW Bug is Fantastic. It sits nice, runs perfectly, drives great, handles well and looks beautiful. As you can see, this is the original deep Red color… the best color VWs were painted in 1967.

Volkswagen Beetle
Year 1967
Type Beetle
Model Coupe
Color Red
Engine 1500cc
Made in Germany
Condition Very Good


The interior is excellent, most rubber changed out around windows…seats really nice, door panels excellent, nice carpeting, new visors, excellent headliner, very, very nice steering wheel…Radio works great. This car is also equipped with the retractable seat belts in front.

This is supposed by many to be the BEST year to collect for German Stock performance AND handling… the first year of a VW Factory 12 volt system… THE LAST YEAR OF THIS BITCHIN’ BODY STYLE!!!
The engine appears to be the original VW 1500. This car has been meticulously maintained. I have registration paper which trace back to 1986 in Los Angeles.

The car shifts with ease and cruises on the freeway at 65mph effortlessly!!!
All lights and gauges and wipers work…back up lights work properly.
Newly pro painted original wheels, new bumpers front and rear, brackets and supports.
Paint is Really, really nice. 4-5 dings in fenders have been worked out, but car has NOT been repainted, just touched up. Never an accident in front nose area.

The pan underneath is in great original condition.
Originally purchased in Germany and cruised around / serviced in Europe for the first 6-8 weeks of its life, then shipped to California in 1967… proof with owners manual and servicing in Germany, England and France.

This is NOT JUNK or ALTERED in its life EVER… this is the one you want for your collection… A GREAT INVESTMENT…THE VALUE IS RISING QUICKLY as we speak!
This car handles like my 356 in dry weather and a really nice car that looks perfect from 5 feet away.
If painted, would look concourse.
Location the bug in Southern California, USA