1969 Volkswagen Westfalia for Sale

1969 Volkswagen Westfalia for Sale

For Sale, 1987 VW Westfalia Camper

Price 13,500 USD
Buy Classic Volks – Volkswagen Westfalia for sale in Prescott, Arizona. Year construction 1969 this T2 Camper van on good condition in white color paint and nice interior. Ready to go for new owner.

Volkswagen Type 2
Year 1969
Type T2A
Model Westfalia Camper Van
Color White
Engine 2110cc
Made in Germany
Condition Good

1969 Volkswagen T2A Westfalia


  • 2110 Stroker (AirCooled.net POTL parts – over $6K parts alone!) built for torque.
  • Stage 5 heads by DRD; 40*35.5s
  • 8.2:1 CR
  • Dell 40s, tuned by Thraen at ACE
  • Webcam 119
  • AirCooled HD *single* springs – reduce driveline load
  • Good for over 5,500 rpm
  • Setrab external oil cooler
  • 8-pass (T4) Berg doghouse oil cooler mod
  • External oil filter
  • Mallory HiFire (disconnected – needs repair)
  • CompuFire
  • Early bug crank pulley – slightly more diameter than stock, welded, balanced
  • 1 5/8 headers into an ceramic exhaust and A1 muffler (obviously – no heater boxes)
  • 3 quart oil sump
  • The list on the motor goes on for another $1K or so…


  • Newly (within 500 miles or so) rebuilt by Transaxle Engineering
  • 5-Rib
  • 4.86 R&P (+ tires + 5500 rpm = 70+ in 3rd) .88 4th
  • Welded 3rd & 4th
  • Kennedy Stage 2 clutch
  • Copperhead (?) pressure plate (it was expensive – from AC.net)
  • My left leg is stronger than my right leg.


  • Stars & Stripes decor
  • Oil Pressure / Temp / Volt gauges built into the glove box lid
  • Cigarette accessory lighter in jump seat storage
  • Cigarette lighter on dashboard (it has always been a smoke-free bus – just used cigarette lighters for 12v power)
  • DVD player
  • All vinyl / padding in great shape
  • Drop-down LCD TV (M-Code unknown)
  • Sun Visors can swing toward the doors (later Bay feature)
  • Child’s cot
  • Mosquito nets
  • Walk-thru aisle stool
  • Front table (connects to dashboard, and uses a single leg)
  • Dining table even has the “anchor disc” where you screw the table leg into the floor!
  • Linoleum flooring
  • New covers on passenger seat, drive seat bottom (will need drive backrest cover – but it isn’t cracked through)
  • Wood paneling on ceiling, kick panel


  • Headlights are three-bulb; running lights, fog lights, head/high beam – lots of headlight!
  • Dedicated heavy gauge wiring from battery to headlights; uses relays to operate from standard switches
  • 205*80/14s – very tall, tough (2270lb rating) Cheng Shin TrucMaxx Maxxis UE-168 tires Comes with Bus Tow-bar
  • I know I have some other stuff in the basement that I’ll throw in for free

The Ugly:

  • Needs paint (doesn’t really NEED it, but it could use some exterior TLC)
  • Pop-top canvas NEEDS replacing
  • Full-sized cot (the one above the sliding door) needs canvas
  • Speedometer has The Shakes pretty bad That’s about it.