Next Generation, 2017 VW Golf GTI

2017 VW Golf GTI design concept

Next Generation, 2017 VW Golf GTI

Here’s the next generation of Golf GTI where they come with more better than its last generation, it’s not only being more efficient, powerful and faster, but also packed with innovative tech. Be patient they will show up 2 years later, in 2017 if based on Volkswagen’s five-year model cycle for while we’ll seeing facelift version on the next year 2015.

The next generation of performance models, like the GTI, GTD and R will apparently use newly gearbox, ten-speed automatic, sized no larger than the seven-speed (current gearbox).

And we wondered the current GTI powered by 2.0-liter twin-turbo TDI under the bonnet of the GTD its produces 200-hp, how about the next generation… keep playing on this area or even better than…

You know what…, Volkswagen claims the performance of 2014 Golf GTI just 6.4 seconds to 0-62mph and the rumors they able to leave a 1980s Ferrari Testarossa on the circuit. The Golf puts that power down that makes it such a weapon, they easy to handling then very quick in every corners. This is a seriously quick car.

So does this mean the next-gen GTI will make more than that or even build it on mild hybrids? let’s wait…

VW Design Vision GTI Concept pictures