1966 Volkswagen Fastback Project

1966 Volkswagen Fastback

For Sale, 1966 Volkswagen Fastback Project

Price 6000 USD
Buy Classic Volks – Volkswagen classic type 3 fastback for sale or trade in San Marcos. This a rare Volkswagen Type 3 Fastback built in 1966, it’s driveable but needs some work. Very nice a classic car for your restoration project.

Volkswagen Type 3
Year 1966
Type Variant
Model Fastback
Color Blue
Engine 2.0 type 4
Made in Germany
Condition Project

Detail by owner
We have a ’66 Fastback we are looking to sell or trade for panel bus, camper, ghia, Rhino ATV or ?. The short of it is that we bought this car for the 1776 engine that was in it and then purchased a pancake engine for it with a long-term goal of finishing it. It’s just not a car we have passion for but has all the pieces for someone that does.

So far…
Electrical has been gone through and all the old switches and wiring has been cleaned up.
Purchased working 2.0 type 4 pancake motor, dual carb engine. (Have video of it running on the dyno)
Type 4 conversion flywheel.
New stereo and speakers (cuz you need music no matter what).
Purchased clutch.
Purchased correct muffler for new engine.
Has complete interior ready for install and part of it has been started.

It needs new pans and work on the suspension. I drove it home from Chula Vista to San Marcos prior to the engine removal so I know it’s driveable but needs some work.

So, I am not pressed to sell it so it won’t be a fire sale. It has all the parts needed to make it a fun project for someone looking for this car and wants to put some time into it.