Sale or Trade, 1992 Corrado SLC VR6

Sale or Trade 1992 Corrado SLC VR6

For Sale or Trade, 1992 Corrado SLC VR6

Price 6000 USD
Buy Classic Volks – Here’s a sport luxury coupe produced by Volkswagen built in 1992 ready to sale or trade for E36 M3. The car is currently Plastidipped “Balloon White” professionally. It does have some grease smudges on the fender and bumper due to a transmission replacement. My mechanic was unaware of it staining which is why it wasn’t covered… the grease doesn’t come off, i tried cleaning it already. You dont wana use harsh chemicals on Plastidip or else it will not peel off properly, but if you are familiar with what Plastidip is, you can peel it off the whole car, and start fresh. When done right, Plastidip peels off about as thick as a balloon. The undercoat is an original “Green Pearl Effect” The paint on the body is good, but the hood was slightly sanded under the Plastidip.

Volkswagen Corrado
Year 1992
Type Corrado
Model SLC VR6
Color White
Engine 2.9L
Made in Germany
Condition Good

Detail by owner
It runs nice, strong, and looks good doing so.
Car is daily driven and i’ve never had any unnecessary issues.
The windshield has a crack on the passenger side about 7″ long from a rock on the freeway. It hasn’t spread much considering the bumps on the road and the vibration from all the bass coming from the stereo. All glass and all panels on this car are original and vin numbers match.

Ignition switch will need to be replaced soon. I don’t have an issue with it since i know the angle to hold the key while turning, but in cases, it seems a bit sticky on rotation when trying to start the car. The car starts up everytime on its own without pumping the gas.

Driver side A-Pillar is missing the cover, got ripped off by a shop i tried which i will never go back to, and was thrown away by the guy…

Full Grey cloth interior.

You’re looking at a *WVW* family member here.

2.8L VR6
Red Top Optima
Neuspeed P-Chip
Eurosport exhaust (no resonator)
New water pump
New low temp fan switch
New thermostat

FK Konigsport Coilovers
11.3″ DE front brakes and calipers
16×9, 16×9.5 Stahl S2 2-piece (et24 fronts, et14 rears)
H&R Front Camber bolts
Rear Camber Shims (-4* negative camber)
195/40/16 Yokohama S-Drives (fronts 60%, rears 70%/40%) insides from camber wear.
Rolled front fenders, Shaved rear fenders (tires do not rub)

ODO is reading 197xxx miles, but the head has about 115xxx and the tranny has about 98xxx
I’m the 4th owner
I lost my Pink Slip when i lost possession of my storage, if you’ve sold/bought cars before, you know
there are substitute DMV documents that can be filled out to substitute.

JVC Head Unit (USB and Bluetooth)
2 Performance Teknique amps (600w) and (1200w)
6 Pioneer Speakers (highs)
1 (12″) Brand-X Sub with a Coffin Box


Will accept trade for a clean E36 M3