1979 VW Rabbit 5-Door Hatchback

1979 VW Rabbit Diesel 5-Door Hatchback

For Sale, 1979 VW Rabbit 5-Door Hatchback

Price 1990 USD
This quite rarely Rabbit, it come in brown with 5-door hatchbacks body style ready to go. As the picture is a VW Rabbit powered by Diesel engine mated with manual transmission was released in 1979 still runs and drives well, fuel economy car. Like its predecessor the Beetle, the first generation Rabbit known as a Rabbit Mk1 has proven to be influential. The Rabbit intended to compete with Morris Mini and Honda Civic in US market.

Volkswagen Rabbit
Year 1979
Type Rabbit
Model 5-door Hatchback
Color Brown
Engine Diesel
Made in Germany
Condition Good

Detail by owner
1979 VW Rabbit Diesel manual transmission, good condition brown color, AC, Stereo
Runs great! Only 50 Miles per gallon