1987 VW Cabriolet For Sale

1987 VW Cabriolet for Sale

For Sale 1987 VW Cabriolet

Price 2700 USD
Buy Classic Volks – This Volkswagen Cabriolet for Sale in Bellevue, it a nice original convertible VW MK1 in good condition was released in 1987 has 111000 miles runs and drives looking for a home. If you interested please read detail below.

Volkswagen Cabriolet
Year 1987
Type Cabriolet
Model MK1
Color Red
Engine 2.0 16V 9A
Made in Germany
Condition Good

Detail by owner
Up for sale is my wife’s baby.
Purchased in over 4 years ago from a nice elderly lady with 108,XXX miles on the car and the original engine.
Being a VW enthusiast and having a spare 16v engine and transmission waiting for a car, I swapped out the engine and transmission from the 8V JH to the new 2.0 16V 9A engine pulled from a wrecked SCCA Solo class GTI I found locally roughly 3 years ago.

The good:
98% rust free. Surface rust in Driver’s front wheel arch from the arch cover trapping water 1.5in circle.

Digifant 2 EFI conversion and 16v motor = reliable, and much more powerful than the original power plant.

16V 2.0L Engine has roughly 45 more HP than the stock 8V engine, making the car easily keep up with traffic, and up hills while staying in gear.

Timing belt done before engine was installed (less than 2,000 miles ago)

4Y Transmission from the ’84 GTI (The close ratio one) makes city driving a blast.

All original interior in 9/10 condition (some small burn marks from PO 1/4″ in dia.)

Raceland coilovers at a respectable height leaves the car with a nice profile, without sacrificing drive-ability

Top in decent condition, no leaks.

Less than 1500 miles on Techtonics catback exhaust.

‘Euro’ slim plastic bumpers front and rear.
small duckbill front spoiler.

Nardi-Personal steering wheel with color matched VW logo.

All service receipts from original owner of vehicle.

The so-so:
A/C Deleted. P/S Deleted. Windshield washer tank deleted.

Tires, while decent tread, have dry cracks. I personally have drove ~2000 miles on them this way, and the car was tow dollied another 2000 to make it here without an issue.

Oil pressure gauge, fuel pressure gauge work when they’d like to.

Seals on corner vent windows are getting dry, along with upper top seal, makes for a noisey highway drive due to air seeping in.

That techtonics exhaust got shifted around during the tow to Washington, and a rattle has developed.
Hard for me to pin it down, but it appears to be the gas tank heat shield, and quiets to nothing with a full tanks of gas.

Electric radiator fan is on switch in console. Never got around to automating. A simple fam thermo controller from amazon or jegs would work easily.

The top cover/boot (for covering the top when the top is down) is rather dirty with marks from being in the trunk for some time.

The bad:
Reverse lock out tab, while an easy job, is on its way out.
I’ve managed to just learn the feel for first and have not had an issue, but none-the-less.

The battery seems to be completely fine, but the voltage gauge shows 12v with headlights on and heater fan all the way on. Could be completely normal? shows 14v without anything else on.
(also relocated to the trunk)

Rear view mirror glue gave out, have yet to reattach.

(Will be fixed) alternator belt stretched out and chirps on start up, will replace asap.