1974 Porsche 914 Restored

1974 porsche 914 Restored

For Sale, 1974 Porsche 914 Restored

Price $27995 USD
Buy Classic Volks – The classic Porsche 914 for sale in Topanga, California. This a Porsche 914 1974 model year has been restored and rebuilt, powered by 2.0L 4 cylinders engine mated with manual transmission has 88000 miles still in excellent condition come in black in black, all looks perfect no bad issue. It ready to trade or get $27995, must see and if you seriosly want, please read below.

Year 1974
Type 914
Model Targa
Color Black
Engine 2.0L
Made in Germany
Condition Good

Detail by owner

I am project orientated and now it is time to move on ( Westfalia Camper is next).

The 914 Porsche is the least expensive Porsche available and all the magazines are tagging it as the next -Porsche to zoooom in price. 12 to 24 month estimates are a 2X in price. These cars (especially in wet climates) rusted like your grandma’s lawn furniture, so even though Porsche made 115,000 +/- of them in 6 year, not that many are left. If you search for a 914, you will see a ton of them under $10k and a lot under $5k. The cost of repairing them is very high and rust never sleeps ( thanks Neil Young) so it costs a lot to repair rust damage. Think about it. . ..rust and body work repair = $5k, Paint = $7k (average job), Interior = $2k, Engine rebuild = $6k, Trans rebuild $2k, Misc = $3k, + DONOR CAR @ $5K ====$30k That is assuming everything is OK and the hard to get and expensive parts are there. A set of seats newly upholstered are $1000, the Dash top is $600, the bumper top is $500, Shocks $500, etc, etc, I guess what I am trying to say is, my asking price is reflective of the cost involved and the market now not 12 months from now. You could not reproduce this car for the asking price.

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For Sale: 1974 Porsche 914

This was sold in 1974 in Tucson AZ and lived there all its life until I got it. It sat outside in Tucson for 20+ years — fortunately the desert climate kept it from rotting away and it was it great shape when it was found. A local guy (airline pilot) found it and started the project, did the motor and lost interest. The rest was done this year.

Completely Rust free Porsche 914 in rare optional L041 Black over Black interior.

The car has been completely restored and looks and drives perfectly. The car has perfect paint and perfect interior.

Here is a list of what was done to it in the last 12 months.

The engine was rebuilt about 1,000 mi ago with a 96mm big bore kit, SCAT C-25 cam, new Webber 40mm IDFs and all top quality bearings and gaskets.

Crappy Fuel Injection removed and replaced with Dual 40mm Webber IDF’s that have been thoroughly tuned to make very strong power while avoiding the flat spots and drivability issues associated with some carb conversions.

Well tuned. Runs smoothly without any drivability issues while making significantly more power than a stock 2.0L.

The 1.8L case and crank is the starting point for most 2L race engines for the short stroke -makes more power and torque. The output is approx 130 hp exceeding the output of the 914/6 or the era.

– Fully Rebuilt 1000mi ago
– 1.8L crank and case
– 96mm Pistons and jugs (approx – 1950cc)
– Scat C25 “Hard Core” Cam
– New dual Webber 40mm IDF’s with velocity stacks and new air cleaners. 52 Idle Jets, 1.15 Main Jets, F11 Emulsion Tubes.
– Melling Oil Pump
– Bosch 205 AA Distributor (Running the Mechanical advance only as the curve is well suited to the cam and carb combination.)
– New: Plugs, Wires, Points, Condenser, Cap, and Rotor
– New Air Filters
– New High Torque Gear Reduction Starter
– Fuel tank removed, professionally cleaned, and repainted. All new fuel lines from the tank to the carbs.
– Just adjusted the valves
– Bursch Exhaust (Sounds really good.)
– New Engine Mounts

Transaxle 5 Speed Side Shift
Rebuilt and less than 200 miles on it – The side shift 901 transaxle shifts precisely and smoothly.
– All new bushings using BRASS shift linkage bushings where applicable
– New Transmission Mounts
– Fresh GL5 oil change
New Clutch
Repacked CVs
Wheel Bearings replaced Front and Rear
Brake Pads Replaced
New Front Shocks
New Rear Shocks
New Rear Springs (stock rate) — Old one sag after 40 years
New Yokohama 205/60R15 Tires (Fit perfectly with no clearance issues.)
Stainless Steel Brake Lines

No rust what so ever.
There was some minor rust in hell hole area that has been professionally repaired and then coated with POR 15.
Freshly sanded to bare metal with glass out repaint to an extremely high standard. The black paint looks like you can swim in it and the sides are smooth enough to give a perfect reflection without any waves or distortion.
The bumpers are painted a satin black to offset the gloss black of the body.
New Rubber upper front bumper
Ugly 1974 bumper over riders removed
Rubber seals and light gaskets were recently replaced with new parts from 914 Rubber.com, including window seals and the expensive targa top seal. The door alignment is perfect and the doors open and close smoothly with the correct “thunk”.
Headlights go up and down as expected
Front Fog lights replaced with driving lights and work in unison with the bright lights
The under body is perfect and painted — as clean as the top.
Heater/defroster/ventilation works as delivered
New Windshield

Everything works properly and looks great.
Both Seats are reupholstered
New Carpet
New Dash –from 914 Rubber- better than new
All Gauges work
New Fuel Tank Sending unit
Radio is brand new with retro look — but new Tech including IPOD in
Owners Manual
Redone Door panels
Targa Roof is 9/10 and all seals are new
MOMO suede Wheel – not stock as in Pic

Brakes squeak when cold
Wheels could use a polishing
No Sunvisors

I’d be Open to an interesting partial trade — Porsche, VW Bug or Westfalia Camper, Type 181 Thing, MG, Lotus, m Ustang, Shelby, c Amaro, Muscle Car, Morgan, race car, BMW E30 or E46 M3, mIata, Datsun, Alfa (real interested) — try me — Ferrari ???