1984 VW Vanagon Westfalia For Sale

1984 VW Vanagon Westfalia

For Sale, 1984 VW Vanagon Westfalia

Price $20,500 USD
Buy Classic Volks – Here’s found this one nice Camper Van based on 1984 VW Vanagon that was built by Westfalia is said still in good condition overall and has a well cared for with only 20,837 miles on it. More desirable of the 84′ Vanagon is are retains a vintage appearance with its round headlights but it has a modern with a water cooled engine.

Volkswagen Type 2
Year 1984
Type T3 Vanagon
Model Westfalia Camper
Color Silver
Engine 2.1 Liter
Made in Germany
Condition Good

Detail by owner
1984 VW Bus/Vanagon Westfalia Camper
New Engine with only 20,837 miles
If you are looking for a well cared for VW Westfalia camper van with only 20,837 miles on the engine, this may be it! The great thing about the 1984 Vanagon Westy is the body has round headlights verses the rectangle square Vanagon versions of later years. Most of the 83’s still had the older interiors and were air-cooled. The 84′ Vanagon retains a vintage appearance and is water cooled.

I am not mechanically inclined so all of the servicing on this van was done by the professionals. When I purchased the van it was licensed in Washington State. I drove it to California and it spent much of the past 3 years in Sacramento and San Diego where much of the mechanical work was completed. Most of the time I owned this van, it was in Sacramento or San Diego, California. The new motor has 20,837 miles on it. When in Sacramento, I had Stephans Auto Haus replace the engine with a fresh new 2.1 waterboxer. That was about 3 years ago. When I purchased the engine, they explained that it is “balanced and blueprinted” and runs so smooth that I needed to be mindful to shift from 3rd to 4th when getting on the freeway. They said sometimes people forget because they operate so smoothly without vibration. The engine came installed with a stall system so that if you forget to shift into 4th gear at approx 65mph it will stall out so you can’t go any faster until you shift into 4th. This Westy steers and stops straight and handles freeway speeds and mountain passes beautifully.

When I was in Ojai about 2 years ago, I had the radiator hoses replaced by Ojai Valley imports (they specialize in Vanagon repair). This may not seem like a big deal but it was an $800.00 fix as the hoses go all the way from the back to the front radiator. The mechanic said they were good for another 30 years now.

Right after I purchased it, I had the brakes replaced… front, back and emergency brakes. That was about 3 years ago. At that time, I also had various sensors and wiring replaced to the Electronic Fuel injection system and some fuel hoses going into the tank from the filler.

I put new tires and new shocks on it just after the motor was replaced.

The pop top tent has zippered sides and front windows complete with bug screens. The top bed sleeps 2 and the bottom sleeps 2. The refrigerator runs off the battery when the van is running, or propane or direct plug in when camping. It works as good as the stock refrigerators in these campers ever worked. The stove and sink look like they have never been used and work excellent. I had new hose and electrical outside hookups installed. I had a new 2nd auxiliary battery put in it. I had the interior camper lights repaired so the inside is well lit. I put a new stereo in it, and it has 2 small speakers in the rear and 2 in the front doors. It comes complete with the table and curtains as shown in the pictures. The passengers seat turns around to face the back of the van when camping if desired. The stereo is bluetooth equipped or you can plug in your phone using the AUX cable. The seats have no tears or rips as the upholstery was new when I purchased it. The paint is Aussan Brown, the original color.

This is a 32 year old vehicle and in great shape for its age. While it has been taken care of, it has the appropriate amount of wear and tear for its age. The van is sold as is.

What Ive had done:

Engine” 2.1 Liter – 3 Years (20,837 miles ago)
Brakes – front and back caliper, pads and emergency brake – 3 years (20,837 miles ago)
Fuel injection tuneup- sensors & wires replaced 3 years ago (20,837 miles ago)
Tires – new 2.5 years ago
Shocks – new 2.5 years
Radiator hoses replaced 2.5 years ago
Things still on my “to do” list
1. Occasionally after freeway speeds the engine after I stop and put it in neutral will idle up and down before returning to a flat idle. The mechanic says an adjustment to the electronic fuel injection will solve it but I have never had it done as it does not bother me and the van runs fine with out the adjustment.
2. The rear heater has only 2 speeds. 0 is on and 1 is off. The switch went out and the mechanic could not find a new one so while we were waiting for a new “used one” to come available, he hooked it up this way so it will still work. I don’t mind the on and off options without the various speeds but you might.
3. The body seam under the water and electric hookups on the side of the van has a small amount of rust forming in the seam. The left and right hand corner under the rear window has a small pea size rust spot. These are the only areas I have seen with rust. Even under the wheel wells you can still see the original color and no rust. The above 2 areas are common areas for rust to begin forming on the Vanagon and easy fixes. With the exception of these the body is rust free.
4. The interior is in good shape, the upholstery was newer when I purchased it. It could use new carpet at some point.