1987 VW Golf 16-Valve GTI

1987 VW Golf 16-Valve GTI

For Sale 1987 VW Golf 16-Valve GTI

Price $4750 USD
Buy Classic Volks – this a nice classic VW Golf for sale in Hot Springs, South Dakota. As shown here a 1987 Volkswagen Golf 16-Valve GTI is a high performance of the Golf variants. The car has been stored for around 10 years ago but it has good care for regularly. All look clean and a good shape. Already listed on Craigslist asking $4750.

Volkswagen Golf
Year 1987
Type Golf
Model GTI
Color Black
Engine 1.8L 16V
Made in Germany
Condition Good

Owner says
Own a piece of history. This was the first year VW put the 4-valve head engine into the Golf for the USA market.
This car has been in dry, dark storage for around 10 years. However, it received oil and anti-freeze changes as needed. Gets driven and nicely heated-up about 4 times a year on the nearby asphalt road. I picked this up many years ago and have never really needed it. I rebuild, turbocharge, and drive the older VW diesels of this era.
Golf has approx. 158,000 easy miles as it was originally owned by a straight-laced older guy in western Nebr. I don’t think this car has ever seen salt. He used it to go visit his daughter in New Mexico in the summer months. The only hint of corrosion on this car is at the rear valence seam and a little burn in the battery box area. His battery must have had a slightly cracked case at one time.

Car had recent new shocks when I got it. I performed the usual needed tasks when I got the car: installed new trans output shaft seals, disassembled the CV joints and replaced the moly grease, new Lobro or GK boots for the CV’s. I installed fresh solid rotors and pads in the front (still have the vented and they will be good with a fresh light cut). I also installed rear pads for the back discs.

This car still has the original ABG close-ratio trans which received new gear lube. The old lube was still golden with no chunks or anything alarming. Trans shifts like new. Clutch is solid does not need work. I probably replaced the shift bushings way back then.

The underside of the car looks as good as the top. I still have the original air dam and the plastic brake venting with original sheet metal screws sitting in storage. The view under the hood is clean and totally stock….nothing has been hacked or millennial-ized like the morons they are. The cam belt cover is still there and always has been. I have a good spare ISV valve. I also have a good spare distributor I picked up years ago.

Probably the only thing this car might need down the road is new valve stem seals as they are original. This Golf runs like new at 158,000. They said those original PL’s had extremely tight clearances from the factory and it tends to show just that. The original owner had a dual set of Walker mufflers installed and they probably are restricting the flow a bit.

I fitted a Continental cam belt and Bosch 3-wire oxygen sensor. Dash computer still works. Couple of zip ties on the grille.

The fabric on the headliner needs the usual replace. The headliner itself is fine. One slight wear tear on the driver outside seat bolster. The original owner fitted seat covers when he bought the car new so the actual blue/red striped GTI seats are in great shape. Carpet is very clean and undamaged/not worn. Windshield is in good shape. Stupid sunroof (I hate those) works as it should.

I could use the inside storage space this car is taking up. However, this is NOT a fire sale.
The price listed is THE PRICE in GREEN cash or payment 2 weeks in advance otherwise. Prefer cash with cashiers pen drawn across on sale day.

This car will easily run back to cornhole Colorado. I will make sure the 134a is up for your trip home. If you want one of the originals in really good shape….here it is. Email me and give me your full name and telephone number and I will call if you specify a good time.

I do NOT want to sell this car to a local moron who will demonstrate was a slow miserable death is all about. When the car leaves, I do not want to see it again. Destroy is as you may. Wish to find an enthusiast to buy it….not a little bastard. No body damage disclaimer on the clear SD title.

I don’t have any inside-car photos. Dash is not cracked nor are the door liners damaged at all. Look at those fresh red stripes on the bumpers. This car was always inside.