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1970 Brazilian Volkswagen Squareback

1970 brazilian volkswagen squareback

For Sale, 1970 Brazilian Volkswagen Squareback

Price: SOLD
Buy Classic Volks – Brazilian Volkswagen Squareback for Sale Rio grande do sul, Brazil. This a 1970 Volkswagen type 3 Squareback produced in Brazil has solid body no rust, Original paint, The interior is original. Has 1600cc original engine Running good as well. Already offered in craigslist to finding a new home.

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Brazilian T1 Bus

for sale vw bus 15 windows

For Sale Brazilian T1 Bus 1975

Price ASK
Buy Classic Volks – Volkswagen Brazilian T1 Bus for sale at Brazil. Year constructions 1975 T1 15 windows exelent very good. runs good. First something about the Brazilian T1: The T1, as known the first VW bus, was build in Germany until 1967, but in Brazil VW build the same design until the model/year 1975, even so the T1 build in Brazil until 1975, never had the big lid in the luggage compartment in the back, those buses still have the corner windows, which was suppressed in the German model from 1964 onwards. The Brazilian model was assembled with 1200cc engine and 6 volts until 1966, and from 1967 was a 1500cc engine and 12 volts.

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