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VW Rabbit History

vw rabbit history

The Volkswagen Rabbit History

Small and cheaper yes it’s the concept for true VW Rabbit… wrong…

This real basic why Volkswagen was create the Rabbit…
1975, 35 years ago Volkswagen create a little car to confront the Japanese cars attack that penetrates the U.S. market with little econoboxes far cheaper than a Beetle. So Japanese little cars it’s a main cause of VW sales dropping in U.S. market.

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Short Story of the Beetle

The first prototype of the Beetle in 1935
was different from the production model, by Ferdinand Porsche.

really goes back to pre 2nd world war, when Adolf Hitler had a vision of a mass produced vehicle that was affordable to the average German. Started in 1934 when in the Hall of Berlin Adolf Hitler announced that the car had not to be an exclusive privilege of the rich. To Ferdinand Porsche, defined by him as “the most famous designer of all time”, he entrusted the assignment to construct the Volkswagen (the people’s car). Hitler was apparently influenced by the achievements of Henry Ford and his production lines – reading Ford’s biography while in prison during 1923.

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