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1958 Beetle Semaphores for Sale

1958 euro Beetle Semaphores

For Sale, 1958 Beetle Semaphores

Price $19,750
Buy Classic Volks – Volkswagen Beetle Semaphores for sale California, USA. Year construction 1958, Brown metallic paint colors on excellent condition. Stunning 1958 Euro Rag top it has a fresh Engine is built and extremely clean. 36 horse style fan shroud and canister oil filter gives it a very Porsche 356 style appearance. Engine Professionally built by owner at May 2010. Sweet car. I think based on what I am seeing here, this is a sweetheart of a ride at a very realistic price.

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1957 Beetle model with semaphores

classic car sold

For Sale 1957 Volkswagen Beetle model with semaphores

Price:  CLOSED
Buy Classic Volks – Volkswagen 1200 Beetle, 1957 (L 334) ’58 Model with semaphore !
Bodystyle: Oval
Color: Glacier Blue (repainted)
Interior: Original but the seats were re-covers at the time with a cloth close to the original
Engine: Original 30 HP engine “there should be a re-started” (the car has spent 15 years off)
Ability to returnto its original state.

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