SURVIVOR 1951 split window

SURVIVOR 1951 split window

For Sale SURVIVOR 1951 split window

Price SOLD
Buy Classic Volks – 1951 Volkswagen Beetle Split Window for sale Washington, USA. This bug is a survivor, was in a museum in Colorado for like 30 years. Everything is correct and present and accept for a sometimes sticky semaphore, in perfect working order. This bug is not restored, it’s in neer ment untouched condition. I did update the motor trans and brakes, for safe driving and stopping But kept all that I took off and it goes with it as a package.

Volkswagen Type 1
Year 1951
Type Beetle
Model Split Window
Color Maroon
Engine ASK
Made in Germany
Condition Very Good


Is as follows
2 motors…. stock 25 hp totally correct ( I am assuming it is Matching #’s and original to the bug) it is what was in it, wen I got the split…..Maybe I’ll write VW and see for sure… Other motor is a freshly built stoker 36hp with Porsche grind cam, W.W. Okrassa dual port duel carb kit, with 69.5mm crank and 8 dawdle 180mm Porsche lightened flywheel 8.5 to 1 comp. all tin and intakes pulleys etc. powered coated along with a second 25hp seamed fan shroud, and a Abrah 4 tip exhaust. No expense was speared !! I borrowed a few parts off the 25hp like the generator ans D regulator and star coil and distributor (I just could not find extras)

2 trans axles…. Stock crash box split case trans trans in good working order Complete axle nut to axle nut. with all the stock 1951 rear brakes… other trans is a later split case, totally detailed, freshly built, with powder coated axle tubes and C.B. Performance wide 5 disc brakes, new boots, and a early early bus nose cone, so the DONUT style front trans mount could be used. Also found a perfect rear tranny carriage and had that powder coated as well. Front stock brakes were carefully removed and boxed up and replaced with (working) C.B. Performance wide 5 disc brakes. 1951 brakes are all boxed up and are neet and correct, but for stopping they suck!! but go with the deal.

2 sets of tires…. 5 each 5.25/50 X 16″ nearly new bios ply tires, mounted on stock 16″ rims… and 5 each Brand spanking new (still in the boxes) 5.25/50 X 16 radio tires all 10 are white walls. There is probably more that I can’t think of now but I will add to the list as I remember it.

Here is a few options in pricing as to how you mite want it set up

  1. As is with original items off the car but sold with the car: $54,000
  2. As is without original items sold with the car: $50,000
  3. Original items put back on the car, updated items sold with the car: $55,000 But with a $5,000 non refundable deposit. In case you change your mind.
  4. Original items put back on the car, updated items not sold with the car: $52,000 firm!! But with a $5,000 non refundable deposit. In case you change your mind.

I am in no hurry to sale, or in any sort of dire need of money!!!!! I may be reluctant to even sale my baby!!!! But paying off some of my house would be nice…..!!

Just so you know I have over 30 years experience as a factory trained auto technician For Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Porsche/Audi & VW, and also Ford. Vintage VW’s have always been my hobbie and passion. And I am quite the OCD perfectionist, (it’s a life long sickness I loose sleep over)

More pictures…..upon request…..Only trade considerations would be a 23 window samba or a barn door bus in survivor or restored condition, and that trade offer probably wont ever happen…..??
Location the bug in Graham, Washington, USA