1969 VW Fastback

1969 VW Fastback for sale

For Sale, 1969 VW Fastback

Price SOLD
Buy Classic Volks – Volkswagen Type 3 Fastback for Sale Oakland, California, USA, on good condition. This a White 1969 Fastback with classic black and yellow CA license plate, Strong Mechanics, but interior need retouch, and have rust problem. Overall this is vary nice and good car for restored.

Volkswagen Type 3
Year 1969
Type Variant
Model Fastback
Color White
Engine ASK
Made in Germany
Condition Good

GOOD: The engine was recently rebuilt with all four cylinders getting above 115 PSI in a compression test. Transmission is solid. All glass is good. Completely new brakes in the rear.

BAD: Interior needs to be replaced. Rust on pan, fenders, rear engine compartment, etc… The car has too much rust on it for me.

Willing to part out or sell whole. Contact me for details.

Location the Fastback in Oakland, California, USA