1955 Volkswagen Oval Ragtop

1955 Volkswagen Oval Ragtop

For Sale, 1955 Volkswagen Oval Ragtop

Price £ 9,700
Buy Classic Volks – Volkswagen Beetle Oval Ragtop for sale Dronten, Netherlands. Year construction 1955 on Good condition. This a Really nice early Oval, 3 January 1955, With Golde Ragtop. A lot of documentation comes with the Beelte, unique!! For example a photo of the first owner and documentation that the engine was replaced by Volkswagen for a new one. Engine number from September 1958.

Volkswagen Type 1
Year 1955
Type Type 1
Model Beetle Oval Ragtop
Color Green
Engine 1131cc single port
Made in Germany
Condition Good


The Beetle was delivered in Denemarken on Tuesday 2 February 1955. After a few years it was sold to a Dutch guy, then to a German man, then to a Dutch guy again.

Outside is in original color. it was redone in the past, not really nice, but the colour is original. The paint on the inside is original. All original details can be found. Batwing steering wheel, gas pedal, leavers and so on. The seats are really nice. The headliner is really old. The ragtop was replaced for a newer one. Was a 3 fold, now a 2 fold.

The body is in a good state. A few spots but nothing serious. On the doors some surface rust. The semaphores are working.

The floors are good. Rocker panels are good, only on the rear you can find rust and a little hole. On the front they are really good.

Engine runs, car drives, shifts and stops.