Red 1990 Volkswagen Corrado G60

1990 Volkswagen Corrado G60

For Sale, Red 1990 Volkswagen Corrado G60

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Buy Classic Volks – Volkswagen Corrado G60 for Sale in The Villages, Florida, United States. It’s a rare 1990 Volkswagen Corrado G60 (Supercharged) in good condition with a clean Florida title in hand.

Volkswagen Corrado
Year 1990
Type Corrado
Model G60
Color Red
Engine 1.8L G60 Supercharged
Made in Germany
Condition Very Good


Detail by Owner

The Car was originally bought in Georgia in 1990 and eventually came to Florida, only 18,000 Corrados were sold between 1990 and 1995 in the US. This is the early model with the 1.8L G60 Supercharged engine. It’s a 5 speed manual that makes one hell of a sound. The Corrado is often hailed as VW’s “only true sports car” and believe me it’s sporty. In fact VW designed it to be the Porsche 944’s rival.

The Car has a lot of features that were well ahead of it’s time such as ABS, Electric Windows, Electric Sunroof, Heated Mirrors and a Central Locking System. The Rear spoiler pops up at 40mph and still works flawlessly, unlike many other originals. The Car is my daily driver but currently only has 167,xxx miles on it, which isn’t bad for its age.

The Car has had a lot of new parts and performance upgrades, all of which were professionally installed. I have receipts for a lot of it as well as many spare parts such as 2 different aftermarket style Grilles and some OEM parts, etc.

This car is suited for just about anyone, it’s mechanically sound so could be someone else’s daily driver, a cool project car, a track car or just a fun car for weekend cruising. Overall it’s in good condition with some minor chips and dents for age, I would rate the physical appearance of the Car an 8/10.

Mechanically everything works fine (I just had 2 leaks entirely fixed by replacing the parts) except for some minor TLC on the speedometer/ tachometer and the A/C. I just took a major hit by having a new Condenser and Evaporator installed by German Excellence in Orlando, with receipts of course, so I’m not going to pull this “A/C needs a quick recharge” gig on you.

The Car is rare and has tons of character, everywhere I take it I will 9 times out of 10 be approached by someone who wants to talk about the car. It gets a lot of thumbs up on the highway etc. since the Corrado is a very rare sight and was designed as VW’s showcase car that was never meant for high production numbers, which explains all the cool luxuries etc.

Like I said, I’ve put tons of parts, time and love into the car, here’s a list of all the parts and their value for you to get an idea:

Azev Type A Rims ($2000)
Brand new Tires ($300)
Techtonics Stage 2 Chip ($125)
New Engine Mounts ($140)
New Koni Sport rear shocks ($250)
VR6 front strut mounts ($40)
Momo Steering Wheel + Hub ($240)
Momo Gearknob ($100)
Redlinegoods Shiftboot ($30)
Magnaflow exhaust ($200)
Bahnbrenner Supercharger Stage 2 ($280)
Bahnbrenner Supercharger Tune up ($250)
K&N Air Filter ($80)
Ichiba 20mm Rear Wheel Spacers ($120)
New OEM Taillights ($50)
New Mirrors ($30)
Built in Supercharger Gauge ($80)
HID Lights ($100)

New Parts:
New Radiator ($225)
New fuel tank ($150)
New Water pump ($50)
New Timing Belt ($15)
New Cooling Flange ($35)
New Brake Fluid ($20)
New Clutch Slave Cylinder ($45)
New Clutch Master Cylinder ($70)
New Cooling hose ($70)
New Seat Bushings ($15)
New Thermostat housing ($160)
New Oil pressure sensor ($60)
New Evaporator for A/C ($615)
New Condenser for A/C ($500)
New A/C Drier ($20)
New A/C Expansion Valve ($20)
New Battery ($50)
New Windshield Wipers ($50)

The car also comes with tons of other goodies that I will throw in if you buy the car such as:
Original Gearknob and Shiftboot
Second, worn, Momo Steering wheel
VR6 Style Badgeless Grill ($90)
G60 Style Badgeless Grill ($125)
Rear Anti sway Bar ($200)
Power Acoustic Radio ($120)
Techtonics Stage 3 Chip ($150)
Repair Manual ($80)
Aftermarket Cupholders
Original Carpets (worn)
Momo Carpets ($60)
Satellite Radio, installed and much more.

As you see there’s tons of good stuff in the Car, If you were to buy a Corrado in equal condition and do all these things you would be looking at upward of $10,000. All the parts were new when installed and have no more than 10k miles, less than 5k on most parts actually. I won’t go into how clean and well kept the car itself is, I’ll let the pictures do the talking, but rest assured few people believe me when I say the car is pushing 25 years of age.