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Rare Van, 1990 VW Vanagon CARAT

1990 VW Vanagon CARAT

For Sale, 1990 VW Vanagon CARAT

Price $18,500 USD
Buy Classic Volks – found this one rare model of the Vanagon family known as Vanagon CARAT built in 1990 still in excellent condition that was looking for a new home. The van look greats for its age, only 148000 miles on it since new, all has a good shape inside and out with pretty well care for. Need nothing just ride and fun, it could be a remarkable example of the CARAT being offered today, asking $18500 located in Palm Desert, California. As always, if you’re interested should come to closer inspection for sure condition.

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1990 VW G60 Corrado

1990 VW G60 Corrado for sale

For Sale, 1990 VW G60 Corrado

Price $6250 USD
Buy Classic Volks – found this classic sport hatchback offered by Volkswagen in 90s was called as the G60 Corrado series. As shown here is 1990 model come in red color, has been driven about 75000 miles still in good condition in and out with sign of use in general it has quite good cared for. Not perfect, but it’s really good start to light restoration, looking for $6250 OBO or a late model of the VW GTI.

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VW Corrado 2.0 16V Supercharged

VW Corrado 20 16V Supercharged

VW Corrado 2.0 16V Supercharged for sale

Price $5800 USD
Buy Classic Volks – found this cool classic Volkswagen sport car nearly 27 years old still in shiny condition, the car was posted about 24 days ago in Craigslist and still online today, asking $5800 located in California. As shown here is a VW Corrado 2.0 16V Supercharged built in 1990 come in red color. The owner says it runs and drives well and has been driven about 104000 miles.

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