Black Volkswagen Corrado G60 1990

Black Volkswagen Corrado G60 1990

For Sale, Black Volkswagen Corrado G60 1990

Price 1,500 USD
Buy Classic Volks – Volkswagen Corrado G60 for Sale in Los Angeles, California, United States. It’s a 1990 Volkswagen Corrado G60. Volkswagon’s first true Sportscar. Auto Express magazine described it as “Regarded as one of VW’s best-ever drivers’ cars”.

Year 1990
Type Corrado
Model G60
Color Black
Engine 1.8L G60 Supercharged
Made in Germany
Condition Good


Detail by Owner
Supercharged, Power windows, Sun roof (Wants to open, but doesnt. Something may be stuck). This is the right car for the right person, especially if youre into rarities. Dont see too many stock Corrados around anymore.

The title has been changed to Salvage. Nothing has been changed on it, it is still all original. Got bumped on the side a few years ago. The insurance company felt it was more than the car was worth to get the original body parts, so they wrote me a check and changed the title to Salvage, but the car is all original, no accidents, just minor dents you can see in the pictures.

Need to sell as soon as possible since I don’t have the extra room anymore after buying a new car. This vehicle is running but overheats due to a crack in the radiator. Other than that, it runs great and kicks ass on the freeway. Engine is strong, Current tags, registered and insured, but does need a little bit of love. Has a few dents and a cancer spot but good stock body overall. Some electronics seized working. Could be as simple as changing a fuse. Letting it go for $1500 firm. (Pretty cheap and priced to sell)