1987 VW Golf for Sale

1987 VW golf for Sale

For Sale 1986 Volkswagen Golf

Price 2,500 USD
Buy Classic Volks – Volkswagen Golf for Sale in Ballard, Seattle. Built in 1987 Good but not perfect car on Silver color. Up for sale 1987 Volkswagen Golf 2 Door. Must to sell because owner needs rebuilt his truck.

Volkswagen Golf
Year 1987
Type Golf
Model Hatchback
Color Silver
Engine 2.0L 8 valve ABA
Made in Germany
Condition Good


Detail by Owner
I’m going to be as transparent as possible and say that this vehicle is not perfect. It does need a few things and honestly if you don’t have much of a knowledge base for automotive work it may not be the car for you. That being said it does have a lot of great qualities. Please see below for a list of good and bad things with the car.

$2,500 OBO No trades, No offer will be overlooked so please don’t be afraid to make one. I am flexible on the price.



  • 2.0L 8 valve ABA engine swap
  • Stand Alone fuel and spark management via Megasquirt 1 V3 (tuneable with laptop)
  • 9A close ratio 5 speed manual transmission from 16v GTI
  • Brand new H&R Ultra Low height adjustable coilovers installed last summer
  • Rear upper strut tie bar
  • 15×6 BBS RA Wheels with plenty of rubber on all 4
  • Sought after and very rare Helios Recaro Trophy seats
  • Innovate LM1 Wide Band o2 sensor with Innovate Motorsport A/F guage.
    (o2 sensor controller needs replacement)

History of this car:
This is the second time I have owned this car. I originally purchased it from a buddy in 2007. It was powered by a 1.8L 8valve on CIS mechanical fuel injection. I drove it like that for a while and then swapped in a brand new crate, zero mileage 2.0L 8 valve ABA engine and wired up the Megasquirt standalone management. The 9A close ratio tranny has been in there since I originally purchased the car.In 2010 I sold the Golf to a buddy. You’ll notice fender damage on the left front. Shortly after I sold it to my buddy somebody backed into the car and damaged that fender. Later that year my friend sold the Golf to another buddy and it spent the next few years with a couple different owners.

Then, in 2012 I was visiting a friend and the Golf happened to be in his garage. I had missed it dearly since I sold it in 2010 and immediately offered to buy it back. I took ownership again and began to use it as my daily. The suspension was rather tired after all those years so I opted to install some of the nicest coilovers on the market. . . H&R Ultra Lows. These coilovers can be adjusted so low that the car won’t even roll. You can literally set the car on the ground If you so please. I set them at a height to where it is driveable but still very low. They provide that nice, firm ride that all car enthusiasts long for.

The odometer says 216,416. Now this is still the same gauge cluster that was in the car when I originally bought it in 2007. Back then it had around 145,000 on the clock. I swapped in the zero mileage ABA at around 175,000 on the clock.

Long story short the new engine has around 40,000 miles on it now along with the megasquirt management. It is possible that the body has over 200,000 miles on it but that really doesn’t mean anything. I’m not sure if this is the original gauge cluster or not.

The Good:

  • She runs great, starts every time and gets an honest, consistent 30mpg!!! If you were to swap in a diesel 5th gear into the tranny she’d get possibly 35 mpg or more.
  • The newly installed H&R coilovers are top notch and will last a good long while.
  • This is a quality platform for a VW project. Or just a fun, reliable daily driver. She’s got great bones and a lot of sought after mods. As stated above the car is not perfect. It’s 27 years old so you have to realize that when getting into a car like this. Please see the list below of the items that could use repair.

The Bad:

  • Could use new windshield due to cracks
  • Powersteering is currently disconnected. For whatever reason one of my buddies who owned it after I sold it pulled the hoses off the pump and removed the reservoir.
  • Fender damage to left front. However, this is a super easy fix and brand new fenders can be had for $50 from ECS Tuning.
  • Left rear fender flare got ripped off by a chunk of a semi truck tire on freeway a while back. Also a very cheap and easy cosmetic repair
  • tachometer does not work (possible wiring issue) used gauge clusters can be sourced for around $30 so this is a cheap repair.
  • E-brake handle and cables need replacement.

This is a solid platform for a VW project. It needs to go to an owner that isn’t afraid to make a few repairs to get her dialed back in. It’s not in the cards for me anymore due to different hobbies, home ownership, and having a newborn child now.