1968 Volkswagen Notchback for Sale

1968 Volkswagen type 3 Notchback Variant 1600 L

For Sale, 1968 Volkswagen Notchback for Sale

Price £5,900.00
Buy Classic Volks – Volkswagen Notchback for Sale in Merstham, Surrey, United Kingdom. This a 1968 Volkswagen type 3 Notchback Variant 1600 L. It is our pleasure to present you with a 1968 VW Type 3 Notchback after more then a year of restoration work.

Volkswagen Type 3
Year 1968
Type Variant
Model Notchback
Color Black
Engine 1.6L
Made in Germany
Condition Very Good

The car itself was purchased in a very good condition with no rust at all as the previous owner had it done. We rebuilt the engine and done some major work on all other mechanical parts. Most of the original parts on the car have been restored and kept. The interior has been upholstered with leatherette and new carpets fitted. All seals have been changed except the outer popup quarter windows as we couldn’t find them (we have them now but haven’t replaced them yet). The car is imported (LHD) and registered on UK plates. Just pasted through MOT which is for a year and tax is free. The only thing that hasn’t been replaces (as we wanted to keep it original) are bumpers with two small holes and chrome piled otherwise in very good shape regarding some others they are around.