Brumos Racing Porsche 914

Brumos Racing Porsche 914

For Sale, Brumos Racing Porsche 914

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Buy Classic Volks – Porsche 914 for sale in Fernandina Beach, Florida, United States. It’s a Genuine 1970 Porsche 914/6 built to Brumos Racing, well documented and with very low mileage (23,000). Displayed in the Brumos Porsche Collection Museum for more than five years. Winner of the Porsche class at the most recent prestigious Ponte Vedra Automobile Show. Eligible for the 2015 Amelia Island Concours d’ Elegance Porsche 914 class.

Year 1970
Type 914
Model Targa
Color Black
Engine year 1975, size 2.7 liter 911S
Made in Germany
Condition Excellent

Exceedingly well built to 914/6 GT specifications by Brumos Racing, as specified by Brumos Porsche President, Robert (Bob Snodgrass for well known customer/Brumos racer Bert Roberts. Later owners included Multi-time NFL All Pro Bryan Barker and avid vintage racing Porsche (917, 962, etc.) collector, Wayne Jackson. Both of whom raced with Brumos Racing.


Body: Factory steel flaired fenders, chassis stiffeners, modified lower rocker panels, Dyna mat inside door panels, nearly all trim is power coated satin black, carbon fiber Porsche hood crest, all rubber moldings-gaskets-seals replaced, bumper rubber strips replaced, etc.

Engine: A 1975 2.7 liter 911S case, with oil squirters, Mahle European 90mm pistons and cylinders, Time serts on all head studs and studs are coated Dilavar studs, 8mm case bolts w/Time serts. 2.7 liter heads w/40mm ex. & 46mm in. valves. Phosphorus bronze guides. Matching porting for ex. & in. ports. 2.0 liter 66mm stroke crankshaft & 2.0 liter rods were used, making the engine a very reliable 2.5 liters. Chain tensioners have 1984 pressure fed system, w/wide support idler arms. All internal parts replaced. The engine was bead blasted and clear coated.

Transaxle: All scyncros, bearings & selector sleeves, all seals and gaskets replaced. The shift bushing are replaced and internally modified for positive shifting. A short shifter is installed, along with an installed aluminum racing intermediate plate. Close racing gear ratios incl; 11:31 1st, 18:34 2nd, 22:29 3rd, 25:26 4th and 29:22 5th gears are installed. CV joint are repacked. Clutch replaced and a heavy duty clutch cable is used. The case had been bead blasted and clear coated.

Brakes: 19.05 mm Master cylinders, all steel brake lines and stainless steel lines. Carrera 3.2 calipers & slotted rotors.

Wheels and Tires: 7″ & 8″ wide Fuchs, front & rear, w/rare Goodyear F1’s.

Electrical: Wiring replaced, soldered and shrink wrapped tubing used. The loom was covered as original & color coating was retained. Battery tender installed, along with retractable cord. Ign. switch, battery, dome lights replaced.

Exhaust: Stainless heater boxes installed. Control valves rebuilt, new flex hoses installed, factory muffler installed.

Carburetion & Fuel System: 40mm IDTP Weber carburetors were cleaned overhauled, K&N filters were used. Fuel tank cleaned and sealed, pickup screens and lines replaced.

Interior: High quality, glove soft black leather GT seating, door panels, rear panel and center console. Dash facing, glove box lining replaced and interior fittings replaced or renewed, as needed. A hidden radar detector installed. Very rare Williams F1 steering wheel, carpeting replaced, as well as interior roof panel covering. Retractable seat belts installed. Proper GT gauges.

Additional Items: Front oil cooler with hand crafted cooler cover panel. Space saver spare, tool kit and flashlight, fabricated washer bottle system, new heater cables, cleaned and heat painted muffler. All mechanical devices either cleaned or replaced, as needed. Plated items either cleaned or replaced, as needed. Carburetors balance and tuned, timing adjusted and valves adjusted recently!

Most of the afore-mentioned items were accomplished by Brumos Racing in 2001. Other items were done in 1993.

Full ownership, maintenance and mileage verification records dating back to 1982, all well documented within the owners log book. The 914/6 GT runs beautifully, is very strong and as you can imagine, handles wonderfully. Very low mileage, very well maintained, just an exceptional Porsche 914/6 GT!

The odometer has stopped operating within my ownership at 22,632 original miles. I have driven the car less that 500 miles since that occurred. There is a little puff of smoke that is emitted during start up, after having sat for a duration of time. Everything else works properly. There are a few very minor paint chips and light scratches on the front hood and some paint flaws on the top of the passenger door. Other than those items the body is straight and paint is superb.