Rare Microbus, 1964 Volkswagen Type 2 Kombi With Sliding Door

Rare Microbus, 1964 Volkswagen Type 2 Kombi With Sliding Door

For Sale, Rare Microbus, 1964 Volkswagen Type 2 Kombi With Sliding Door

Price: ASK
Buy Classic Volks – Here’s we found a rare box on the wheels…, impressive microbus, he has a sliding door… awesome…, They knew it’s not a cheap toy…, This one of the most collectible vehicles on this world. Volkswagen Type 2 comes with an optional factory allowed and requested by original owner. Base on 11 Windows 8 passengers Kombi type assembly in 1964, Hanover, German with lots of unique pieces ready to go for fanatic buyers with bold wallet. Fully restored but not perfectly same like the original stock, he had some upgrades and alterations to modernize purpose.

Volkswagen Type 2
Year 1964
Type T1
Model Kombi 11 Window, Sliding Door, Sunroof, Walk-through
Color Turkis and Blueweiss
Engine 1776cc Single Carburetor
Made in Germany
Condition Excellent

Details by Owner
This a very nice rotisserie refurbished 1964 Volkswagen Bus with a factory silding door, sunroof, walk thru. One of the first few produced in late 63 with such an option.

This extremely hard to find bus came from the factory equipped with a sunroof, sliding door, walk thru, locking steering column and rear seat delete. It was a transitional bus as well with 15″ rims and ice pick door handles.

Rumored to be only one of three produced with a sliding door and sunroof. But this one also was a walk thru.

The bus has lots of unique pieces specific to the bus. Like other sunroof buses of the era, the inner skylight window stampings are hidden behind the headliner. It was also equipped from the factory with belly pans to stiffen the chassis.

It was not restored perfectly back to stock specifications, close, but with a few upgrades and alterations which could easily be changed for showing.

The L380 Turkis and L289 Blueweiss combination is correctly done and matched to an original sample. Instead of just lightly overspraying the undercarriage, it received a full covering of L380.

The motor was upgraded to a 1776cc with a single carburetor. It still retains somewhat of a stock appearance but is a much easier driving vehicle to keep up with modern traffic needs.

Recent appraisal done, with a vauation over $120,000.

Price? Due to the rarity and collectibility, with nothing to compare too, accepting realistic market based offers.

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Location the Bus in Merlin, Oregon, USA