Generation Six of the VW Microbus has been launched


Generation Six of the VW Microbus has been launched

New generation of the VW Microbus, it’s a sixth generation of the Type 2 known as the T6, will hit the Germany market in 2016.┬áSame as its previous generation, Volkswagen will made plenty of different body types based on the T6 chassis, such as cargo van, double bad, single cab and passenger or camper van.

A glimpse of the face and shape similar to the previous generation the T5. Volkswagen has retaining the same footprint design and refreshes appearance with sharper exterior lines and details to modernize styling and upgrade the features.
VW Microbus T6 pictures

Volkswagen decided to offer a special edition named “Generation SIX” by announcing the limited production, to celebrate the launch of the new T6 into the market in 2016.

According to VW, the T6 will comes with modernized interior and available tech features infotainment system, 6.6-inch center console screen mirroring. And the equipment new front assist area monitoring system called ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), has new adaptive chassis control system DCC (Dynamic Cruise Control), with three driving modes (comfort, normal and sport).

VW Microbus T6 available two fuel type engines:

  1. Gas engines
    2.0-liter engines produce 148hp.
    2.0-liter with turbocharged engines produce 201hp
  2. Diesel engines
    New generation 2.0-liter TDI diesel engines, has four options
    83hp, 101hp, 148hp and 201hp