Reliable Commuter, 1990 VW Jetta Only 73,000 Miles

Reliable Commuter, 1990 VW Jetta Only 73,000 Miles

For Sale, Reliable Commuter, 1990 VW Jetta

Price 1900 USD
Buy Classic Volks – VW Jetta for Sale in Chicago, United States. Here 4-door sedan offered by Volkswagen in 1990, has low miles only 73,000 Miles automatic transmission, Reliable commuter. CHEAP!

Year 1990
Type Jetta
Model Sedan
Color White
Engine ASK
Made in Germany
Condition Fair


Detail by owner
1990 VW Jetta in white. I purchased this vehicle with 36K Miles on it (verified via vehicle history — St. Christopher charm on the driver’s visor makes me pretty sure this was a proverbial “little old lady” car), and it was a reliable commuter for me through 73K miles.

Very rare to find a MK2 automatic. The transmission has been a super pleasant surprise — still shifts perfectly.

Huge number of maintenance work completed, all due to vehicle age. Majority of the work completed by Jason at Mobile One in Glencoe, one of the absolute best classic VW shops in the Midwest.

Importantly, Jason has done the vaccum lines and gotten the idle correct (about 2 years ago.) VERY few mechanics know how to do this on these cars, and this baby idles beautifully.

Incomplete list of parts replaced (I’m definitely forgetting some here.): AC Compressor, alternator, water pump, fuel pump, windshield wiper motor, head gasket, oilpan gasket, brakes (front and rear) done in last 2 years, brake lines, front left drive shaft, timing belt, ALL CV boots/joints in last 3 years, idle control valve, main throttle spring, radiator, spark plugs, gastank straps (expensive and rare maintenance thing to do, but these are done), battery, radio replaced with unit with AUX in, and speakers replaced with modern ones 3 years ago.

Complete service receipts for those who care.


Problems: Vehicle has been backed into in parking lots twice, both times by pickups, resulting in pretty good dent in the rear left trunk and the grill being mashed up. NO STRUCTURAL ISSUES FROM THESE, only cosmetic. Fender flare trim gone from right rear wheel. Pretty good dash vibration, could probably use motor mount bushing replacement, but not a safety or drive ability concern. Rear door handles got brittle and snapped (common problem on MK2 Jettas), rear doors still open from inside — This is a cheap fix, but I haven’t bothered. Random surface rust in various places due to age.

By no means a perfect car, but huge character and low miles for a very, very cheap price. If you just need a cheap car to get to work, or if you know how to work on these, this is a great pick up.