1981 VW Rabbit Diesel For Sale

1981 VW Rabbit diesel for sale

For Sale, 1981 VW Rabbit Diesel

Price 4000 USD
it’s an Germany economic car offered by Volkswagen to American user made to compete with Japanese cars in US market and its the backbone of current Golf. Volkswagen Rabbit for Sale in La Habra, California, United State. It’s a Volkswagen Rabbit Diesel built in 1981 has been rebuilt engine on good condition come in blue 2-door hatchback. A nice Rabbit, if you interested please read detail by owner below.

Volkswagen Rabbit
Year 1981
Type Rabbit
Model Hatchback
Color Blue
Engine Diesel
Made in Germany
Condition Good

Detail by owner
I’m asking $4,000.


I’m guessing the car has about 150,000 miles on the chassis. Thats based off the mileage I know the previous owner says they put on it. I’ve only put about 6,000 miles on the car since 2008 and 3,000 miles were driving it from VA to CA.

I did majority of the work to the car in 2010. Heres what I did
Parts I’ve replaced:
New heater core
Oil pan gasket
Head gasket
Water pump assembly
Crank seal
Intermediate shaft seal
Rear Main seal
Cam seal
Valve cover gasket and seals
Every gasket and O-ring
New radiator
New radiator fan switch
New water/air separator filter
New diesel injectors
New diesel heat shields
New glow plugs
New HD motor mounts/trans mount
New oil pressure switch

New clutch
New pressure plate
New snap ring
Pulled case apart to inspect gears and syncho’s. Replaced driveshaft seals, case gaskets, crush washers and the C-clip that keeps the main drive attached to the rest of the internals.
New halfshafts
New halfshaft bolts
New clutch cable

New master cylinder
New Front SS brake lines
New front calipers (powder coated red)
New brake pads
Resurfaced rotors
Fresh brake fluid
10mm wheel spacers (so wheels won’t rub on springs)

New wheel cylinders
New shoes
Adjusted E-brake
Drums were inspected and ok

BFI front control arms with poly mounts
New ball joints
New tie rods
New upper strut mounts
Raceland coilovers (only to slam the car but the ride was much better than expected)
New Rear wheel bearings

New golf ball shift knob
New window cranks
Tried to “dye” the carpet black with SEM color coat. (Look at pics)

Painted Laser Blue inside and out (factory VW color)
New windshield
New windshield seal
New tail lights
New sealed beam head lights
Replaced the rear window with a junkyard special which didn’t have defrost
New battery

I replaced these parts in January 2012:
Shifter bushings
Heater Valve
Coolant Tank
Vacuum Pump Gaskets

What the rabbit still NEEDS:

Sunroof seal and tension spring to push up on sunroof when closed

Rear hatch seal

Steering column bushing needs to be replaced

Heater Control Panel

Needs to have the stereo installed

Needs speakers

Needs a headliner (1 included in the sale)

Needs a dome light lense

The car needs a wet sand and polish

Fuel gauge and speedometer WORK

The Raceland Coilovers and the front BFI control arms with poly bushings have about 4500 miles on them.

I’m also including extra parts

Polished phone dials 5×130 15×7 et43 NO ADAPTERS ARE INCLUDED WITH SALE

4X100 Rota’s I dont have any specs on these wheels other than than. 1 Wheel is damaged because the previous owner didnt have his wheel lock for that wheel destroyed the aluminum around the wheel stud.

Stock 14″ GTI snowflakes 2 wheels have some light curb rash. they are straight and true just dirty.

NOS front GTI fender flares

Good condition GTI headliner