Not GTi, 1986 Volkswagen Golf GT

1986 Volkswagen Golf GT

For Sale 1986 Volkswagen Golf GT

Price $2000 USD
Buy Classic Volks – is not GTi is just GT, very rare 1986 Volkswagen Golf GT for Sale in Torrance, California. It’s original 1986 Golf GT with 2.0 Audi A3 engine is said good condition overall, the interior is quite good with Recaro seat and body frame look solid with a good shape, hard to find rust from here, must see if you seriously. It being offered in Craigslist about 7 days ago to finding a new home.

Volkswagen Golf
Year 1986
Type Golf
Model GT
Color Grey
Engine 2.0L A3 Audi
Made in Germany
Condition Good

Owner says
1986 Golf GT. Badges are correct.

Half the asking price is the seats. I will swap them out if price isn’t met.

2.0 3A bottom end. Audi, 70K miles when swapped, about 20K since the swap. Seals changed on bottom end.

Digifant fuel injection. Decent power, better then original CSI injection.

Recaro seats. Electric base, heaters. Wired up and working. These were recovered by a decent shop. Better than they were, but not Recaro quality coverings. You will see in person, excellent for a driver, but not show quality.

Lowered on coil overs – whatever the cheap, but decent brand it. I think they called themselves Rokkor when I bought them.

Riken mesh wheels. 9.5 lbs per wheel.

Upgraded front brakes. 9.4 cross drilled rotor, EBC green pads. Stainless steel flex lines.

Decent exhaust. TT downpipe. OEM split manifold.

Rebuilt 5 speed with limited slip, I can’t recall if it was Peloquin, or Quaife. You can feel it whichever it is.


Will be included in the sale:
Spare 8V head. In case you wanted to try your hand at porting and polishing. Doesn’t need a new head. Spare catalytic converter. 200 miles tops.

Switches and plate for the Recaro seat Driver’s Side.

Can be included in the sale:
Rear sway bar – nuespeed.
Front strut brace – Eurosport.
G60 valve cover, wrinkly black powder coating with polished VW logo.
40 mm Weber downdraft + manifold + spare Weber.

The digifant system isn’t great. I intended to swap a 40 mm downdraft Weber.
Paint is only driver quality. It is a respray, jambs, hood, and trunk lid match, but it’s a re-spray.