One Owner 1986 VW GTI For Sale

1986 VW GTI For Sale

For Sale, One Owner 1986 VW GTI For Sale

Price $3250
Buy Classic Volks – Volkswagen Golf GTI for sale in Corvallis, Oregon. As shown here is high performance version of the Golf lineage well-known as early GTI that was built in 1986, described as an original example and is an excellent candidate for restoration. The car being offered for sale by original owner, was posted at Craigslist about a month ago and still online today. Has been driven about 236000 miles and is still a good daily driver.

Year 1986
Type Golf GTI
Model 2-Door Hatchback
Color White
Engine Original
Made in Germany
Condition Good

Details about this Golf
This is a rare opportunity to acquire a one owner, 1986 version of the 1985 Motor Trend Car Of The Year (“the Volkswagen GTI delivers a combination of talents that exits nowhere else in the marketplace”). The car is 99.9% original and is an excellent candidate for restoration. I have the original paperwork, lots of receipts, owners manual, shop manual and have kept a log of all vehicle expenses. Most of the major mechanical components are original. Factory options included AC and the heavy duty cooling package. The car has spent 80% of its life in Western OR and is still a good daily driver. I have averaged 32 MPG in the 31 years, I have owned it. The rear window defroster, odometer, and cruise control don’t work. Extra stuff includes a set of mags, and misc. parts. In 1986 Car and Driver said the following: “The forward half of this car screams sports car, while the back half does a fair job of imitating a station wagon. Larry Griffin insists that the GTI is the most all-around satisfying automobile ever built.”