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1990 G60 Corrado For Sale

1990 G60 Corrado for sale

For Sale 1990 G60 Corrado

Price $4000 USD
Buy Classic Volks – this classic sport compact 3-door coupe produced by Volkswagen called Corrado, as you’ve seen here is G60 variant built in 1990 is said good overall with some minor, only 63,000 miles on it, currently was storage sold with TONS of extras, that was looking for a new owner.

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1990 VW Black Corrado G60

1990 vw black corrado g60

For Sale 1990 VW Black Corrado G60

Price $4500 USD
Buy Classic Volks – found this one classic Volkswagen sport car for Sale in Van Nuys, Los Angeles on good condition. As we’ve seen here is a VW Corrado G60 built in 1990 clothed in a fairly handsome 2-door hatchback body come with a black color. The owner says it runs and drives very well all works properly has been rebuilt and has 154000 miles on it.

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Custom VW Corrado G60

Custom 1990 VW Corrado G60

For Sale, Custom VW Corrado G60

Price $6900 USD
Buy Classic Volks – this a classic 2-door hatchback sport car produced by Volkswagen, it’s a custom VW Corrado for sale in Miami is the G60 supercharged model released in 1990, had many upgrade and custom. The nicest perform all looks perfect and straight body frame with a black paint, the engine looks great with some upgrade and seem has very well maintenance, unfortunately not many photos include the interior photos not has, anyway all look in good condition has 122000 miles on it. Overall it could be a greats Corrado on trade today.

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