1990 VW Corrado G60 Supercharged

1990 VW Corrado G60 Supercharged for sale

For Trade, 1990 VW Corrado G60 Supercharged

Price Trade
Buy Classic Volks – Volkswagen Corrado G60 for Trade in Richmond, Virginia, United States. Fair condition, white color year construction 1990. Original Paint + Clean interior, no rust, has 128k miles, 5 speeds Power sunroof, windows, and spoiler all work.

Volkswagen Corrado
Year 1990
Type Corrado
Model G60
Color White
Engine ASK
Made in Germany
Condition Fair

Have two super chargers to go with it. (When its time to rebuild one you can have one on the shelf ready to go.) Car has Neuspeed intake, stabilizing bar, Karman int, new coilovers to go in it and front struts, BBS rims. New slave cylinder, also told new timing belt but the owner said not positive on that.

The car runs and drives but does need some work for a sticker, seat belt shoulder strap does not operate, brakes, 2 tires, exhaust hangers, struts(included), CV boot(included), and both super chargers need rebuilding.(rebuild kit ~230$) if you are mechanically inclined these are minor things.

NADA value:
Low= 2,650.
High= 7,325.

Like owner said the car needs work but its got good bones. Unibody is in fantastic shape. Only a couple topical rust spots, this is not a bombed out Rust bucket so please be fair on your offers. The car is almost vintage at this point and has a ton of potential. No title, but its not needed to register. (Car was registered last year)
Cash is preferred but will entertain trade offers. Interested in 4×4 ext. Cab truck, crotch rocket, make an offer