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VW Rabbit History

vw rabbit history

The Volkswagen Rabbit History

Small and cheaper yes it’s the concept for true VW Rabbit… wrong…

This real basic why Volkswagen was create the Rabbit…
1975, 35 years ago Volkswagen create a little car to confront the Japanese cars attack that penetrates the U.S. market with little econoboxes far cheaper than a Beetle. So Japanese little cars it’s a main cause of VW sales dropping in U.S. market.

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Volkswagen Kombi Last Edition

vw bus last edition

Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus Kombi Last Edition

After 56 years of production the bus must the end. Fantastic the longest standing model in production, more than 1.5 million units had been produced at Brazil.

The Kombi is the most everlasting production model in automotive history. The Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus Kombi is finally ending, thanks to the new safety regulations for do had stopped the bus journey.

Volkswagen decided to say a proper “Farewell” by announcing the production of the 600 Blue Volkswagen Kombi Last Edition vans, before the new safety regulations applied in Brazil.

The Last Edition will be available for purchase only within Brazil, price $35,637 per unit and comes with a certificate of authenticity from VW and a numbered plaque on the dashboard identifying it as one of 600.

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Keep warm for your Volks

Volkswagen Beetle warm
The completely knitted robe of this New Beetle Cabriolet owned by Marthe and Magnus Schwarz has been elected to be the most beautiful beach Beetle of the year 2013 on the Baltic Coast during a weekend at the largest gathering of fans of all ’round’ Volkswagen models (Beetle, New Beetle and The Beetle) 414 special Beetles rock the Baltic Sea Shores.

The “most beautiful beach Beetle of the Year” was chosen by jurors and it was the one owned by Marthe and Magnus Schwarz. Their convertible in a knitted robe has been chosen among the hundreds of models hailing from six decades, coming from different parts of Europe to the event, was. “It took us seven months and 40 kilograms of wool to create this, it’s been so much fun!” said Marthe.

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